Tips for Sending More Traffic to Your Squeeze Page

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Using email marketing as a way to make money online is something that many home based business opportunity seekers find to be very effective, but there are certain things that need to happen. First, you have to get enough exposure to get traffic to your site. This will happen as a result of your online marketing strategy, which needs to include stellar search engine optimization techniques. A high ranking in the SERPs is required if you want to see the visitor numbers that can get you conversions.

Another important part of using your email marketing list as a way to make a profit is by developing strong campaigns, ones that will compel any recipient to not only open your message, but read it and click through to take advantage of your offer. This happens through use of a strong squeeze page, or the landing page that clearly outlines your offer, lays out the benefits, and has a clear and concise call to action, leaving no question about what the reader should do next.

Sending more traffic to your squeeze page can happen in a number of ways, and here is a discussion of some of the top ways to generate more leads and have more people lay eyes on your offers in a timely fashion. Continuously test your squeeze pages, and determine which features are the ones that people are responding most readily to, so that you can continue to develop and cultivate the kind of squeeze pages that are going to generate the most conversions. Use your analytics programs to find out how exactly people are getting to your squeeze pages, so that you can maximize those sources as well as work on improving the other potential sources. This helps you also sort out how many people sign up for your email marketing list, as well as how many people make a purchase of your goods and services. It also helps you determine who returns to your site for more—these people are the ones who can really turn out to be the “cash cows,” because once you get a customer hooked, they can be an ongoing source of profit and success for your internet marketing company.

Social Media Sources for Traffic

Links that you can get from your social media sites are very important for getting traffic to your squeeze page. Posting a link to your offer on your social media networks is like blasting out to your target audience. It is safe to assume that many of your contacts and followers are already interested in your company, for one reason or another, and this means that they are going to be more likely than complete strangers to click through and see what the offer is all about. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and more to generate additional leads for your email marketing campaign. Make sure that every person on your contacts lists and followers lists is invited to join your email marketing database and receive direct email to their inbox detailing the offers and promotions that you have. Also, be sure to include regular status updates and informational posts, rather than always having a strong sales pitch.

Ask your friends, followers and contacts to share and retweet your offers, because this will exponentially increase your exposure in the social media networks by blasting your information and your links to everyone on their lists, too. Social media has an extremely wide reach, and you should be taking full advantage of this fact when developing your email marketing list campaign.

Sidebar Advertisement

On your blog or your website, include a link to your squeeze page in the sidebar. Offering your visitors a chance to take advantage of your offers is a way to make your organic search engine optimization efforts work even harder. Those people who arrive at your site as a result of a search query will then be able to know what else you have to offer and what advantages they can receive by visiting your squeeze page. This packs a double punch, because that visitor has already been to your site and begun to learn information that will help them in other ways, so they will begin to trust you more.

Sidebar advertisement of your squeeze page is a great way to build your email marketing database and get the kind of subscription rate that will help you to have a large list to market to. Each person who takes advantage of your bulk email opt in will be able to have plenty of access to your information and your offers, and since only a small percentage will actually become conversions, the high numbers are necessary and getting them in any way that you can is important.

Email Marketing Lists

Always, always include a link to not only your squeeze page but also your blog page for your email marketing list campaigns. You want your recipients to regularly visit your site and find out what’s new and what’s happening. Getting them to open the message is critical, so use the best methods that you can to engage with the readers, from frequency of contact to subject lines and more.

Email marketing lists can be very profitable, but they do not necessarily stand alone as an online marketing strategy. You have to truly combine multiple methods in an integrated, effective way if you want to start seeing the traffic numbers to your squeeze page that will lead to conversions. Lead generation is where it all begins, and there are many, many different ways that you can generate the leads that you are going to need to get the conversions and the profits that will lead you to make the money online that you are dreaming of. Remember, getting traffic to your squeeze page is one of the most critical things, but you cannot rely only on your email campaign alone. Be creative, and think of new ways to gain exposure for your offers.

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