Tips for Effective Email Marketing to Mobile Customers

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The world of email marketing is changing, and much of that is due to the increasing popularity of mobile devices. Just about everyone you know owns a smart phone by now, and most of those people use their phone (or tablet or other mobile device) to get their email. What you need to know is that you will need to adjust your email marketing list campaign accordingly, and make sure that you continue to be able to effectively contact your customers and leads through email. Mobile devices are not the same as regular computers, and you will have to make some changes if you want to continue to succeed in this marketing method.

Email marketing campaigns continue to be a strong way to communicate with your audience. Most internet marketing specialists still rely on this to share information with the members of their email address database and their network marketing lists. People are consuming most of their information through their mobile devices, and if your emails are not properly designed to be accessed by mobile users, then you are going to miss out on a potentially large slice of your audience.

Subject Lines are More Important Than Ever

When it comes to email marketing list campaigns, the subject line that you choose has always been important, but it may be more important than ever when you consider how mobile users are seeing your messages. Not only do the words have to convey just the right message, they often have to do so in fewer characters than you might be used to. Often mobile devices display only the first 30-50 characters of a subject line, so if you are accustomed to using longer ones, then they might fall flat when it comes to connecting with your mobile users. They just won’t get the right message from your subject line, and may be more likely to pass over your email. Make sure your keywords are featured at the beginning of the subject line, so that if it is cut off, the recipient still knows what to expect and is hopefully enticed to open the message and read it.

Develop a Clear Target Audience

Learn as much as you can about your target audience, so that you can connect with them in a more meaningful way. When you understand who you are communicating with and what they are looking for, you can develop a much stronger email marketing campaign and get more traffic and more conversions. Monitor your analytics closely, and use plenty of well-timed surveys to inquire about what your audience is hoping to get from you, and then be sure to provide it. The most successful email marketing list campaigns are the ones that are developed by internet marketers who clearly understand their audience.

Design an Effective Email

It is important to remember that traditional emails do not present in the same manner when they are viewed on a mobile format. Screen sizes are very different, and scrolling and zooming definitely play a part. Scale things down so that they can be read easily on a small screen, and consider using a mail service that specializes in mobile email marketing. They can often help you optimize for mobile, including design, font, subjects and many other aspects that will help your efforts.

Mobile Users Need Simple Touch and Click Functions

Viewing messages on a mobile device is markedly different for the user. The touch screen and clicking features work far differently than they do on a traditional PC, so you have to make sure that these functions are simple for the mobile user. Your email marketing list campaign needs to be adjusted to account for the different functionality of the device. Remember, people are using fingers, not a mouse, for clicking and scrolling, and some people have bigger fingers than others, so it is important that you accommodate them adequately. Space links well, and make sure that the screen scrolls well when enlarged.

Timing is Everything With Mobile Users

Mobile users are checking their emails when it is convenient. What this means to the average internet marketer is that timing is important. Consider sending your emails early in the day, or at lunch time, for best effect. Although mobile users are often in constant contact with their devices, they may not read “secondary” messages, that are not critically important, until certain times of the day. Avoid the overnight delivery of the messages, as this is known to be the least effective time for an email marketing campaign to get in touch with the recipients.

Clear Goals are a Must

For your email marketing campaign, you have to have very clear goals and expectations. As you already know, expecting to get rich overnight is not a great goal, unless you don’t have any intention of reaching it. You have to have a plan for what you expect for open and click through rates, and expect that these numbers will slowly but surely increase if you keep at it and stick with the changing times, like turning to mobile marketing strategies.

No Spamming Allowed

Even more annoying than getting spammy messages in one’s inbox is to have to scroll through them on a mobile device that is intended to streamline the information access process for users and make things more convenient. If there are too many links, or any broken links in your messages, they might appear to be spammy and ultimately be deleted or marked as spam. Be short, sweet and concise in your email marketing efforts and this will pay off by the development of a strong, loyal following.

Making sure that you are following the general guidelines that are known to help with mobile marketing will help your email marketing campaign be stronger than ever. You will find that you can connect on a very immediate level with your contacts, and continue to build up a strong email marketing database that will lead to more conversions. Once you have that email marketing database set up and running smoothly, you will be able to use mobile marketing methods for even more of your online marketing strategy.

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