Tips for Getting an E-book to Build Your Lists

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A free e-book giveaway is a perfect tool for building your email lists. There are some things that you can do to increase the likelihood that the e-book is downloaded and that you can get the customer’s email address for your email list. When you have the right e-book, you can generate a large email list and a large number of direct marketing leads.

Whenever you are using email marketing to generate direct marketing leads, you need to make your promotional information for the free e-book very attractive. Outline some of the highlights and make it very enticing for customers to check out. You can include either a summary, or a direct view of the first few pages. If you can capture their attention, you can often get them to download the e-book, and, you get one more important and interested lead for your email address database.

How Do You Get an E-book Written?

There are several ways that you can get an e-book to use for a free download on your site. The most obvious way would be to write one yourself. Now, this can take a lot of time, and time is money. When you write it yourself, you do have the advantage of having it exactly how you want it, fully customized to represent your company, and your products and services or your niche.

Most email marketers who are using a free e-book to generate direct marketing leads and build an email list would want to get the e-book as easily and cheaply as possible. Dedicating endless hours to writing the information may not be worth it. Instead, you can search online for inexpensive e-books related to your niche that you can purchase. Check out the many private label rights sites that sell pre-written e-books and see if you can find anything that might appeal to your recipients on your email list. Once you make a simple purchase, you can then edit or customize the e-book and make it your own. This is a much simpler way to do it than starting from scratch.

Often you can purchase a pre-written e-book from an affiliate site, and you will have the rights to use the content if you use their information. Although you are not able to claim that you wrote the book, you still get to offer it as a free download that can help build up your direct marketing leads.

Another option is to hire a ghostwriter to put together an ebook for you to distribute to your email address database. One of the main benefits to using a ghostwriter is that you get to claim the material as your own and you would have full rights to the content.

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