Timing is Everything with Email List Marketing

home based business opportunity seeker

Home based business opportunity seekers are busy people.  They do not want to be bothered at all times of the day and night, sifting through tons of email marketing list offers and MLM downline invitations.  This is why the timing of your message is important.  When using an email marketing list, you have to take into consideration how they got to your list (like through a bulk email opt in, previous customer, previous conversion of cold call, etc.).  Knowing how they got to you can help.

For example, if they are a customer who just recently made a purchase, then you should not be bombarding them with additional offers immediately.  Give them some time, then remind them how much they like doing business with you by sending another email marketing list offer.  In the meantime, feel free to send them a “thanks for doing business with us!” kind of message.

If you are keeping track of the habits of your customers (you are, right?), then you will know the last time that they made a purchase from you and you can time your message accordingly.  You can also include a “welcome back, we’ve missed you” sentiment, which may help to remind them about your company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Planning the timing for sending out email marketing list messages and offers is always a challenge for the home based business opportunity seeker, but it is a very important task to master when it comes to customer retention and list building.  Always follow up with your customers after they make a purchase, you might be able to get good information about their own buying cycle and when it might be a good time to contact them again.  Each customer is unique and has their own set of habits, so developing a foolproof plan is not going to be simple, but when you put some effort into your marketing techniques, it will pay off.

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