Things to Avoid With Email List Brokers

email list

Being cautious when selecting an email list broker is important for your business.  It is too easy to get burned in this business, and home based business opportunity seekers need to carefully look at their options because they usually have a limited budget and need to make solid business decisions that will help them increase profit, not increase risk.

In the email marketing list business, there are many shady characters.  If you doubt this, take a look at the spam folder for your personal email account and you will find plenty of examples.  There is a reason that these messages went straight to your spam folder, they were sent out by people using shady email lists and working with less than reputable email list brokers.

You can avoid making this mistake by taking the time to check the companies that you are working with.  You want to definitely make a call to the company that is offering the email list broker service, to make sure that, first of all, they are a legitimate company and not just a spammy site.  Talk to a real person, and make sure that you get your questions answered.  If that person cannot answer your questions or is not willing to help you understand how their company works and what is involved, then move on to the next one on your list.  There are definitely good email list brokers out there, don’t waste your time on those who are not interested in getting your business.

Get the information up front about what is included and what the charges are.  You want to know exactly how much money this email list broker is going to charge for their services, and exactly what you will be getting for your money.  Run for the hills if the offer seems too good to be true.  Email list brokers that offer thousands of email addresses for very low prices are typically spammers, and using these lists will get you into hot water with the recipients.  This kind of damage, once done, is very difficult for a home based business opportunity seeker to undo.

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