The Best Way to Close the Deal in Network Marketing

If there’s one thing about closing the deal most people learn the hard way, it’s this: your customers tell you how and when to do it.

Of course, you have to have some practiced verbiage, but they’ll give you all the clues if you just pay attention.

And listen. This is when some salespeople can miss the ship. They are too busy selling a product or service. They are not listening to what the prospects are saying.

And, they often miss the signals a future customer or recruit gives them to close the deal.

The signals are what they like, what they don’t like, and what fears they have of moving ahead.

Most importantly, they will tell you the value they are looking for. Whether it is money, health, or time, knowing this will help you close the deal.

Here are some tips to help you arrange your close to fit your prospects:

1. I’m Confused

You have an engaged prospect. They’ve sent a few buying signals and seem genuinely interested. You’ve covered every feature and benefit which applies to them. But, they are still hesitating.

And, frankly, you’re confused. There is no good reason to keep that to yourself. The best way to find out what’s keeping them on the fence is to ask them.

“I’m confused. This seems to be a great fit for you. You’ve said that.What’s keeping you from moving ahead?”

Surprise! They’ll tell you! You’ve asked an honest question, and they will give you their honest answer. Then, you know what you are dealing with, and can address it.

2. Tell Me More About What You Like

In an attempt to close the deal, the conversation you have should be all about questions. No statements. The more information your prospect gives you, the more you’ll know what they need.

Once they have listed some concerns for you, address them. Then, get them talking about what they like about the product or business.

Just because they have some concerns doesn’t mean you won’t close the deal.

With enough practice, you’ll learn the concerns are typically normal ones we all have when considering a purchase.

3. What Did You Expect?

This is another question to keep in your ‘close the deal’ toolbox.

It’s a great question to ask when a prospect has some defenses up and wants to list all the reasons they are saying they are not interested.

It is a normal defense from those who are afraid to be “sold”.

And, they want to throw you off your game. Listen to every objection they have.

They, just ask, “what did you expect?” As long as you are genuinely asking what their expectations were, you’ll probably see their defenses diminish.

Then they’ll get down to some honest conversation.

And, the key to this question is to shut up. Don’t say anything to them after the question. Let them tell you.

4. The Business of People

No matter what your product is, you are in the business of people. And, to close the deal, you’ll want to remember that features are never going to outweigh how your prospect feels.

About you, about their family, about where they are in life, and about feeling good about themselves. Your product or service may benefit any one of these things, but the person in front of you or on the phone is going to benefit you.

Appealing to them as a person should take center stage when you close the deal. And, how “buying” is going to make them feel in the end.

Closing the deal should always be what’s in it for them.

5. You’re so Emotional

Those who sell for a living or own their own business have a lot wrapped up in every single sale or recruitment. It can be both exhilarating and stressful.

So, when we sit down or get on the phone with a prospect, we can feel the stress of ‘everything on the line’.

This is not going to help you close the deal. In fact, this can cause you to feel frustrated, or even a bit angry if the close isn’t going well.

If this happens, and it does, it’s normal. But, it will work against you.

Concentrating completely on the prospect will help you leave your emotions at the door before you walk in.

6. Never, Never, Never

There are just a few things to remember when it’s time to close the deal. It can be tempting to overstate results if you think it will help. Don’t.

Over-promising is a deal-killer and can circumvent all your hard work in network marketing.

Pressuring someone into signing or buying will have equal results. Sure, you want them to make a decision, but not because they were under duress.

This will sink a deal fast, too. And, word will quickly spread.

Another important no-no is trying to close the deal with someone who is not part of the buying decision.

It is a time vampire with zero results.

7. Let Me Think About it

Deciding to buy or join a team can be a difficult one for many. And, it is important to listen as your prospect explains their fears.

However, once addressed, a decision should be made. “Let me think about it,” is a common statement.

Then, days and weeks go by without a word. You retrace the conversation in your mind and wonder why you didn’t close the deal. And, there’s really just one reason why.

You probably didn’t ask. If “let me think about it” is what kept you from asking, then chances are good you’ll miss other sales, too.

If your prospect still has something to think about, then the conversation wasn’t over.

This is a great time to use the A/B approach. Are you considering part-time or full-time? Would you rather get the starter pack or a full order?

If you can find a commitment on any one item, then you can continue the conversation.

8. Ok, Maybe You’re Not Ready

The “let me think about it” folks are fairly easy to read. We all stare in fear at change and can let that fear take us down a road of non-decisive oblivion.

The house we didn’t buy, the great deal on a car we missed, or the scholarship we didn’t take.

And, we are all afraid of making a wrong decision.

Ultimately, when you close a deal, you have effectively out stacked fear with enough good reasons for your prospect to move ahead.

It happens throughout the sale, not just at the end. But, if your prospect has signaled they are ready, and then waffles, a quick question can work.

Ok, maybe you are not ready to change your finances (or other value)? This may sound confrontational, but it’s not. You are asking them if they are ready to put fear aside. It helps them gauge their own stake.

And, their answer helps you understand them even more.

9. It’s All About the Value

Sales guru Zig Ziglar explains closing as part of the process, not a separate event. And, it can happen anytime during a conversation with a prospect.

Once they see the value and how it will improve something in their life, it’s time to close the deal.

And, this makes the conversation itself much more important than listing features and benefits, handing them a brochure, or samples.

If you are working with a possible recruit, for example, have them picture how a network marketing venture will improve their financial lot.

And, ask them to tell you what they see. This gets them thinking for themselves about the value, instead of you telling them.

As we know, visualizing what we want motivates us.

10. Body and Mind

Natural communication with others is 90% non-verbal.

For those of us who do not study this, we learn that expert communicators often mirror the verbal and non-verbal cues with whomever they speak.

For some of us, it may not come naturally. If you are speaking with someone who is high energy and enthusiastic, try to match it.

For example, if you are more the measured and professional type, chances are you’ll be more comfortable with those who have the same tone.

Attention to the details of your prospect’s demeanor and making them feel comfortable throughout the process will give great rewards.

11. Dealing With the Skeptics

Network marketing has more skeptics than it should, and this is something you’ll deal with often.

So, it some ways it will be important to get used to this. Unfounded fears aside, there are a few basics to do to keep yourself above the crowd.

Keep relationships the most important thing you do, and be transparent in all your business duties.

Being a credible and genuine person gives you much more freedom to gain customers and referrals. Then, when it is time to close the deal, your prospect, above all, will trust you.

And, as the old adage says, “they buy you before they buy the product”.

12. Sometimes They Say No

Any experienced sales person would tell you that not getting a sale can send motivation right down the drain. And, this effect can last a while.

But, once you’ve done it for awhile the fear of rejection can go away. After all, it is not personal.

Chances are they like you, there’s just no value for them in what you are offering.

And, practicing good sales techniques also teaches us that those who say “no” today may be a “yes” tomorrow. Don’t burn any bridges.

Always part friends, understand and respect their decision, and keep communication open.

And, they’ll appreciate it, and respect you in return.

13. Get Out of the Way

Very rarely, we have a prospect who walks in out of nowhere and signs up. Most likely, they have talked to someone, done some research, or attended a seminar.

Of course, you are not really closing the deal as much as just taking the order. But, it does make us wonder what it was that worked.

And, this is a perfect example of how we should just get out of the way sometimes.

If you have wonderful marketing materials, use them. Videos, webinars, conferences, and simple email marketing can do some of the work for you.

Use it wherever you can.

14. You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

There might not be any worse sinking feeling than finding out an important fact about a prospect too late.

When you get ready to close the deal, a prospect tells you they have a time commitment that prevents them from signing up.

Or, in your attempt to sell a product, you find the person you just spent an hour with cannot make a decision without their significant other in the room.

Painful. And, this could have been avoided by making sure of important facts. Experience tells you what you’ll need to know before presenting, or trying to close the deal.

Until then, make sure you know as much as you can before working harder instead of smarter.

Get the best advice you can on closing the deal

Wherever you are in the process of success, the best advice comes from those who have gone before. Look upstream for help from managers, other network marketers, and read everything you can to become expert at your craft.

As we know, motivation is everything, and staying motivated comes from staying fresh. Your search for information and results should keep you informed and open to new ideas. We have plenty of help for you.

Our live events and products are produced with you in mind. Our consultation can get you started with tools just for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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