The Benefits of Content for Your Email Marketing Campaign

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When you are not solely focused on closing a deal, you have an opportunity to truly connect with your email list members and make sure that they have the information that they need to choose to use your products and services.  While you should continuously be crafting your landing pages and coming up with new and exciting ways to get your readers to click through, and, more importantly, convert, you should also be acutely aware of the opportunity to send them informative emails that will help establish you as the expert, and help them to develop the trust that is necessary for them to choose your company over another.

It is tempting to focus only on the sale, after all, that is your ultimate goal.  But, in the meantime, you have to remember that unless you have a strong email list, filled with recipients who are interested in hearing from you, your email campaign is going to be somewhat worthless.

Sending out content filled emails, that are not directly connected to your specific offers (though you will always be including a link to your landing page, just in case this is the time you finally convince them of your worth), will help to serve as a connection.  Your company will stay in the customer’s mind longer, and you will be more and more familiar to them.  And, face it, people are more likely to do business with familiar companies that they trust.

Content based email marketing is not a new idea, but it seems to be a part that many home based business opportunity seekers leave out, in their race to close the sale.  Make sure that when the customer is truly ready to buy that you are the company that they think of. Using a series of content filled emails can help you gently massage leads into conversions, if you use it properly.  You are consistently building up your credibility and making yourself a trusted authority, which is an important part of the business for any home based business opportunity seeker.

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