Testing Your Email Marketing Campaign

business opportunity seekers

Once you have developed the perfect email marketing campaign and you are ready to distribute it to your email address list for marketing purposes, you want to test it out before truly launching it. Send it to yourself, or a small group of test recipients to ensure that it not only opens correctly in different web browsers, but that all text and graphics appear properly and all links are in good working order. It is a bad thing when you have developed what you think is the greatest email campaign, only to discover that it doesn’t open properly or the link to your page doesn’t work!

Even after you send out your email message to your email address list for marketing, you want to continuously check and re-evaluate to make sure that it is all working properly. If you can entice readers to not only open your message but click through, then it had better work well. You want the recipients on your email list to arrive at your landing page ready to make a purchase, and then be able to follow through and do just that.

Another thing that you have to do is measure the number of visitors or members of your email list that have clicked through from your email. You need to be constantly evaluating how many customers are generated this way, it can help you measure the overall success of the campaign. Your click through rate will vary, depending on whether you are trying to attract business opportunity seekers, MLM email leads or build marketing lists.

When you have a bulk email opt in for conferences, webinars or downloaded information, it can be important to know if the customer is a returning customer or a new one. Be sure to ask for this information when you are getting their email address for your marketing lists. Ultimately, you will be marketing differently to business opportunity seekers and return customers than you would be to new customers that you are trying to attract. You may end up with multiple marketing lists, based on category like business opportunity seekers, retail customers, newsletter subscribers, and those who choose the bulk email opt in for your updates.

Tracking repeat customers is a great way to measure customer satisfaction, and helps you know which parts of your campaign are working well and which parts may need to be adjusted. Email marketing to business opportunity seekers and marketing lists is an ongoing process!

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