Taking a Close Look At Your Network Marketing “Chicken List”

You’ll hear plenty of terms as you start moving through the world of network marketing. That’s because there really is more to it than most people realize, and along the way you’ll learn more and more things. Even those who have been successful in multi-level marketing for decades will tell you that they’re still learning new things about it every day, and as such it’s always good to keep an open mind and to continue growing as a professional in this industry.

One thing that sounds strange at first is known as a ‘chicken list’. But while it might sound funny, the reality is that your chicken list holds some true potential for better things in terms of where your company heads. But you need to understand what it is and how to reach those goals through the proper use of the chicken list.

With that in mind, let’s take a few minutes to look more closely at the chicken list, what it could do for your business, and how to use it in the right way.




What Is A Chicken List?

The easy answer is this – a Chicken List is a list of people that are very successful and whom you admire a good bit, that you’d love to bring into your business but are so intimidated that you’re afraid to reach out to them. It could be a business professional, someone who has owned their own business for years, someone you know is already relatively wealthy, or even someone who is incredibly creative and who has done some impressive things with their creativity. Pretty much everyone who is involved in network marketing has a chicken list. If you think about it right now, the odds are fairly strong that you’ll come up with at least a few people that you feel are so successful they’d be a tremendous asset to your business, but whose success is so intimidating that you don’t know how to even start talking to them about the possibility of them coming onboard.

The reasons that it’s so intimidating to discuss a network marketing opportunity with these people vary, but usually include things like:

  • You assume that they’ll have no interest in network marketing due to the stigma that has surrounded it in the past.
  • You feel that their success means that they’ll have zero respect for you since you’re not at their current level of success.
  • You’re afraid that they’ll laugh at you or lose some respect for you.
  • You simply don’t know how to go about presenting your opportunity to them in a compelling way.
  • They’re already doing well, so why would they want to spend their time and energy on your business opportunity?

Sound familiar? Many people have a chicken list even though they don’t realize that that’s what it is called. And with so much potential for greater things, it’s vital that you start taking steps to approach everyone on your list.


The Importance Of Approaching Your Chicken List Members

Your company needs all the advantages it can get when it comes to moving towards success. And the chicken list has some significant advantages to offer you. Whether it’s one person or twenty, it’s important that you take the time to learn how to approach these professionals.

If you’re not convinced that a short list of people could have such a tremendous impact on your business, consider some of the benefits that can come from convincing one or more of your chicken list members to join your team.

  • The experience that those on your list have could be incredibly beneficial to your business. Their business savvy is already proven, and they’ll bring it to your organization immediately.
  • There will be less training or guidance needed from you since they will already have skills at generating leads and turning them into conversions.
  • They can even teach you new things about finding success and how to better sell your products and your business opportunity.
  • Their existing contacts and professional associations can turn into significant advantages for them when they join your team, and by extension will become an asset to your business as a whole.

In other words, when you manage to convince someone on your chicken list to join your team, you’ll be bringing on a true professional who could have a big impact on your business. The bottom line is that they can increase your chances of success and help you move towards a better future with your business. As such, it’s important that you find the courage to talk to them directly about what you have to offer them.

courage to stand up to your network marketing chicken list

Finding Your Courage

Once you understand just how important it is to talk to each of those on your chicken list, your next step will be finding the courage to actually do it.  This is something you’ll have to do on your own, but there are a few tips that can help you track down the courage and grab hold of it for yourself and your business. Here are some things to remember.

  • First, remember that you’re not alone. Virtually every network marketer has been through this same scenario. Just knowing that you aren’t the only person who’s faced this situation can help you feel better about mustering up the courage to talk to those contacts.
  • Remember your goals and your business’ future. Often, just visualizing where you want your company to go and what you want to achieve can help you find the courage needed to carry on towards those goals. And since ringing skilled professionals onboard is a key element in success in multi-level marketing, it can inspire you to talk to them.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that the people you’re planning on talking to are just that – people. They’re not fearsome monsters who are going to attack you with relish the minute you start talking to them. The worst thing that can happen is that they tell you ‘no thanks’. That’s it. Once you wrap your head around this fact, it’s easier to talk to anyone.
  • Building on that last point, think about what will happen if they say no. Essentially, your business will carry on as it is right now, correct? But think about what happens if they say yes. In short, it’s a risk/reward scenario that could pay off for you in a huge way – you just have to let it.
  • Accept that no can happen. It’s an extension of the two points above, but many people have a hard time accepting the simple fact that people will say no from time to time. Once you accept that you’ll get rejected sometimes, its’ easier to start moving past the idea of it.
  • Remember that the people who you’re talking to are successful because they can identify a good opportunity when they see it. If you can show them a compelling opportunity, the odds are good that they’ll want to know more.
  • Find your confidence. This can’t be overstated enough – if you’re not confident in what you’re doing, you’ll never be able to convince others that it’s worth doing as well. In fact, you’ll even have a hard time getting up the courage to approach them in the first place because you’ll be so doubtful about your business yourself. Believe in your business. It will help you find the courage to talk to others about it.

If you’ll keep these tips in mind you should be able to start finding some of the courage that you need to approach those on your chicken list and talk to them about the business opportunity you have to offer them. Getting up the guts to talk to them is the first step, but it’s often the most important one in the whole process.

speaking to your chicken list about your network marketing opportunity

Tips For Talking To Those On Your Chicken List

But what happens when you find the confidence needed to talk to them? Hopefully, the answer is that you convince them to come onboard and join your team. But the fact is that you still have to show them why your business opportunity is so great and that joining your team is something they should do.

That’s not always easy, especially with those on your chicken list. The reason usually comes down to confidence. After all, you’ve already talked to others about your business, right? You really just need to take your skills and knowledge of your company to these people and do the same thing you’ve been doing.

However, there are a few tips worth remembering that could help increase your chances of talking to those on your chicken list and ensuring that they join your team. Let’s look at some of the ones you should keep in mind.

  • First of all, remember that you’re talking to a professional who has some measure of success already. As such, they’re already aware of what makes a business opportunity worth their time. You’ll want to highlight the key points that makes yours so worthwhile to them.
  • Also take the time to explain what makes your business opportunity different from the others that are out there. There’s a good chance that you aren’t the first person to talk to someone on your chicken list about business opportunities, and you need to be sure that you set yourself apart. Figure out what makes your business different and highlight it in a significant way.
  • Remember that the person you’re talking to has likely gained some of their success form taking chances and trying new things. As such, they’ll likely be more open than you think to listening to what you say. You just need to be sure that you explain the true potential of your business opportunity.
  • Get creative. Instead of just laying out dozens of numbers and stats, actually take the time to talk to them in a more creative way. Think about what they do and then relate that into the business. Are they a doctor? If you’re selling fitness supplies then it makes sense to approach your pitch in terms of health and wellbeing – something they’re already interested in.
  • Try to identify what you think the person would be interested in or need, and then connect your company and its products to that interest. If you know a bit about the person you’re approaching this is much easier to do and can land you some significant results.
  • Remember that it’s stories that really sell a business or product, not numbers. You can tell them about all the potential earnings they can make, but instead of doing that you should relate a story to them that does the same thing. Maybe tell them about how the products changed the life of one of your customers, or how the business opportunity helped one member of your team earn enough money to pay off their credit card debt. Facts tell some things, but it’s stories that sell your business.

If you’ll keep these simple tips in mind you should be able to talk to the people on your chicken list in some compelling ways and manage to show them what it is that makes your business so great.


Virtually every network marketer has a chicken list. Some may be longer than others, but in the end the simple fact is that there will always be a number of people out there who would be a tremendous asset to your company. By not talking to these potential team members, you’re hindering your company’s overall success in a significant way. You can’t afford to hold back your company in any way at all, and as such it’s vital that you find the courage to talk to those who are on your chicken list. Keep the points above in mind and you’ll find the ability to do so and learn more about how to successfully convince them to join you. It could be one of the best things you do for your business, and the results may very well surprise you.

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