Super-size Your Mailing List

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Regardless of how terrific your website is, it won’t do you very much good if you can’t get people to come back. The number of business opportunity email leads that you can get from one-time customers is limited, while repeat customers are your real bread and butter. As well as those people that your loyal customers can refer to you! One of the most important things that you can do is build up a strong mailing list that includes people interested in your niche, products or services. There are also companies that allow you to buy a database of email leads.

Most successful online merchants plan on a conversion rate of about 2-3%. This means that about 97 out of every hundred visitors are just poking around. How can you get these people to return to your site and increase the likelihood that they buy from you? Seems hard? It’s not. Fortunately there are several things that you can do to grow your mailing list, build up business opportunity email leads and make it really work for you. Here are three easy ways to super-size your list:

  1. Ask visitors to leave their email address when they visit your site. Now, you have to do this carefully, because many people will be turned away if they are instantly asked to give their deets. However, if you find a way to lure them, like offering a special incentive like an e-book or membership benefits, then they may be likely to give up their valuable contact information. The more emails you can accumulate, the less likely it is that you will have to buy a database.
  2. Publish regular articles to online directories, and always include your URL in the author information. If your article is helpful and informative, you will find that readers click through to your site. Once there, they will, of course, be inspired to provide their information because of that great deal we mentioned in #1. Building up your business opportunity email leads depends on your ability to generate new leads regularly.
  3. Develop a great business card. Your business card should be a portable billboard for your website. The website address should be prominent, and your card should be professional appearing and memorable. After meeting people at any occasion—not just limited to networking meetings, your charm should combine with your extraordinary business card and lead to a visit to your website—and another email address.

While this sounds like a slow process, it will add email addresses to your list on a regular basis. Before you know it, you will have a very meaty list, filled with business opportunity email leads. If you think that your email list is not growing quickly enough, you can buy a database of email addresses that will allow you to communicate with your followers regularly and drum up business at every turn.

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