More On Successful Use of Email Images

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While using images in your email broadcast is important for capturing and containing the interest of the recipient on your email database list, you do have to be careful to get it right. Done well, it can be a very effective tool. Done poorly, it can really backfire and be annoying to your list—and they will be more likely to promptly unsubscribe. You are in this to build your email database list, not watch it slowly dwindle because you don’t know what you are doing.

Images are not everything. You still have to have enough good content and text to make your email effective. Without a good written offer that entices people to click through to your promotion or visit your website, your entire email broadcast to the email database list is worthless. Images are used because the average attention span of an email reader is only a few seconds. Sometimes the right image is just interesting enough to capture their attention and make them feel compelled to read on and see what you have to say.

Should You Use Animation With Your Images?

Although animation will almost definitely capture the attention of your recipients on your email database list, you have to remember that many people are not able to load animated images on their computers. In addition, the exponential increase in the use of smart phones will require a bit of tweaking when it comes to images, if you want them to display properly in your email broadcast. Also, some email hosting companies will automatically block images, and this will require an extra step from the recipient in order to view the image, making your message cumbersome.

This is a lot for the average business emailer to remember. You have to be sure to use the right images, in the right places, at the right sizes and the right amount of animation or special effects. Phew! To keep it all straight, just remember to keep things fairly simple. You want an engaging image, located prominently at the top of your message. Then, you must follow it up with simple yet compelling content and a call to action that nobody could resist. Only then will your email broadcast be effective and you can continue to build your email database list and get more customers, more click throughs and more profit.

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