Stay in Contact With Your Subscribers

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Running an email marketing campaign is a dynamic process, one that you cannot let get stale. When you take too long in between your emails to the members of your business leads list, you run the risk of having them lose interest in your company and possibly even find someone else that has something similar, or maybe even better, to offer them. Keeping in touch with your email leads list members is important, to not only maintain your customer list but hopefully help it grow as well.

Personalize Your Contact

Getting to know your subscribers on a more personal level is important. Keeping track of which customers or which members of your business leads list respond to which offers you send out can help you find tune and more carefully refine your email leads list, perhaps even by creating sub-lists that are more targeted than the general email list.

Find the Right Amount of Contact

Once you are involved with Internet marketing for a while, you will start to get the hang of how often you need to stay in touch with your business leads list. For different companies, there are different recommendations when it comes to this. Some companies should plan on contacting their email leads list daily, others may only be once a month. Much depends on the type of goods and services you offer, whether they are regular products, seasonal or ongoing services, for example.

You will start to know the right frequency when you have a steady conversion rate. If you have lots of conversions, then you know that you are probably on the right track and your email leads list members are still going strong with your company. No conversions may require more frequent contact, or some tweaking of your offers. When the conversions are inconsistent, you may find that you are sending too many or too few email offers to your business leads list. Surveying your customers at the time of conversion can also give you excellent data regarding the frequency that works best for contacting your customers. Remember, with email marketing, the customer decides how often is enough!

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