Starting a Trial Run for Your Email Marketing Campaign

email leads

Developing an email marketing campaign takes some time to perfect.  First, you need a great email list that is full of potential leads that are strong.  This can be done in a number of effective ways, including a bulk email opt in, or you can rent or buy a list.  Each of these methods differs, because they will take different lengths of time to develop and will likely have different levels of success.  When you use a bulk email opt in, you have more of a guarantee that the members of your email list really want to hear from you.  These are people who have explicitly indicated that they want to hear more about your company and your offers.  The downside is that this method takes a lot longer to build an email list than buying or renting one.

Buying or renting an email list means you will have a larger number of email addresses for your email marketing list more quickly.  The addresses are usually people who have indicated to other companies that they are interested in hearing about related offers and services from other companies.  These are still going to be good leads, but you can expect a slightly lower interest rate because these people are often getting many different offers from many different companies, and will be picking and choosing who they are going to respond to and do business with.

What can often help you determine who the best potential email leads are from your email list, whether you build your own list through a bulk email opt in or whether you buy or rent an email list is doing a trial run to check out the initial interest.  Use the trial to find out which customers are definitely interested in your offers, and then you can make better offers to those people, as you hope to keep them as long term customers.  For those who are less responsive, you can try to target them as completely new customers, finding ways to entice them to be specifically interested in your offers and promotions.

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