Squeeze Page Content

home based business opportunity seeker

On your squeeze page, you have multiple options when it comes to content.  Home based business opportunity seekers looking for content options have a lot to choose from.  Text only squeeze pages are effective, but sometimes you can benefit from having something more for the visitors when they arrive.

Using video on your squeeze page can be an effective way for you to engage the visitors and keep their interest longer.  When choosing to use video, as a home based business opportunity seeker you need to consider the attention span of the visitor.  Lengthy videos may be a turn off for some visitors, so if you do choose to use video for content on your squeeze page, make sure it is short and sweet.  Video is a great way to add some “personality” to your squeeze page and make it a little more interesting.

Images also help on your squeeze page, but you have to make sure that you select the right images.  Home based business opportunity seekers are trying to build up their email marketing lists and want to encourage the visitors to use the bulk email opt in.  this means that you have to use images that are visually pleasing and engaging to visitors.  They should be relevant and high quality, as well.

Your content on your squeeze page should also be presented in a way that stands out.  Choose interesting fonts and colors, but just make sure that everything goes together well and complements each other, and that nothing clashes with either other fonts and colors, or clashes with the overall stylistic content of your squeeze page.

Build up a great email marketing list by choosing to use the best features for your squeeze page that you can.  When your squeeze page makes people want to have more of your company, you have definitely succeeded.  Tweak your style and your plan as you go along, making sure that you are getting good response rates to your email and your squeeze page.

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