Spread the Word About Your Email List

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Visitors arriving at your site need to know what they can reasonably expect from you.  When they first get there, you want them to be initially met with a professional, polished site, one that is easy to navigate and pleasing to look at.  You want to immediately engage them, and help them to want to stick around for as long as possible.  Great graphics and compelling content is very important and will help to keep anyone around for a while.

Using a bulk email opt in can help you generate leads, and help to ensure that visitors will return again to see what’s new, either the next day or soon after their visit.  But, one of the keys to ensuring that they will want to return is by getting them to sign up for the email list.  Enticing them with the benefits can help.  What is it that they are going to get from signing up for your email list?  Membership?  Newsletters?  Discounts?  Other special offers or promotions?  Exclusive downloads?  There are tons of options that you can offer to get them to sign up, but make sure that this is clear to them and that they know what they are going to get in exchange for giving you their email address for your bulk email opt in form.

When you offer special incentives for signing up, you will see the email address database grow quickly.  Your numbers of potential email leads will rise, and this will allow you to segment your list and get groups of members that you can directly target with specific offers and promotions that are going to be highly relevant and attractive to them.  Many email marketing specialists will offer an even more exciting incentive for those who are new to the email list, like a 10% discount on their first order, or something along those lines.

Some people will just hand over their email address and automatically fill out a bulk email opt in, others may need a push.  Give that push, just to be on the safe side and get the numbers up!

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