Smart Email Leads Marketing

bulk email opt in

Consider your email leads marketing campaign from a different perspective. Take a look in your email inbox. How many emails would you say that you receive in one day? For most people who spend any amount of time on the Internet, shopping, doing business, socializing, or whatever, the number is probably pretty high. How many of the emails that you receive end up in your trash, unread? Probably a good percentage, if you are anything like most people. Most people are on so many database mailing list services that they have completely lost track, and when this happens, they can quickly lose interest. This holds true, even when they have chosen to participate in a bulk email opt in. You have to make the emails you send to your database mailing list so enticing that they cannot resist opening them.

Fighting for attention in the inbox of the average email recipient is difficult. Busy people do not always take the time to open and read every email, and they are likely to take care of email leads marketing messages last. They stick to the most important ones, personal communications from family and friends, information that is work related, emails from banks or other business relationships. After all that is taken care of, people will often spend time reading some jokes or forwards from familiar people. How much time is left to open and carefully read email offers from bulk email opt in lists? Even the people who voluntarily give out their email addresses for your database mailing list may not have the time, energy or interest to open the email and then respond.

Don’t Delete Me!

Snagging the attention of your database mailing list is difficult. But, it is even more difficult if you do not have the permission of the recipient on your email leads marketing list to even send them email. Unsolicited emails are being less well received than ever, and more likely to be marked as spam. Those who receive tons of emails each day are merely irritated by the bulk mailings, and hitting “delete” even before they process what it is. Your awesome email offer could be sent to trash without even a glance if you are not careful.

Get the explicit permission of the recipients on your database mailing list by offering a bulk email opt in for each email. Always offer an “unsubscribe” option, and make it easy to use. You may think that if it is harder to get off of your database mailing list, people will just stay on, but this will definitely not make them any more likely to become or remain customers of yours. Never try to stuff your offer down their throats, be sure that you are politely offering your special promotion or information, and you will be more likely to not only keep your database mailing list strong, but even make it grow.

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