Should You Use MLM Genealogy Leads?

mlm genealogy lists

When trying to build up your multi level marketing business, you need to be able to generate large numbers of MLM leads, because, in reality, only a small percentage of the MLM leads that you are able to find will turn out to be solid members of your MLM downline or customers that return as loyal followers, helping you and those in your entire MLM system make profits.

MLM genealogy leads can be a strong method to use for building up an MLM network. MLM genealogy leads are usually lists of people who are home based business opportunity seekers who have expressed an interest in becoming part of a multi level marketing system, which means that they are going to be more valuable leads than the ones you can generate through more generic methods used for lead generation.

What Can Stand in the Way?

When you get an MLM genealogy list to work with, you will have access to a large number of MLM leads that can help you to build your MLM downline. Unfortunately, the age of the list can be a major problem. Once you get the list, you have to realize that many of the members of the list may have already found what they consider to be the perfect opportunity for them, and they may be happy with their current situation and uninterested in making any change to join your network. This is why working with a reputable list broker can be especially important, because the MLM genealogy list needs to be fresh and full of leads that are going to be people who are ready to find new opportunities. Your list broker should be able to assure you that the MLM leads are fresh, that the list has been reviewed and those wishing to no longer be contacted have been removed, and that the members who are on the list have been placed there with their explicit permission. Many disreputable list brokers will try to sell you lists that contain emails obtained from random locations, or from bulk email opt ins that are unclear, meaning that the person signing up is not really clear what they are getting into or what they are indicating by entering their email into a form. Plus, you do not want to receive a list that has been distributed many, many times over, because the recipients will have long grown tired of receiving constant emails bombarding them with offers and information.

Other problems may arise if the person on the MLM genealogy list has decided that they are no longer interested in MLM opportunities, and choose another method of business as a home based business opportunity seeker. With so many options to choose from, not everyone is going to be interested in MLM downline businesses.

A third common problem with using MLM genealogy leads is the possibility that the recipients have been placed in the “Do Not Call” registry, and calling them can land you in hot water if you are reported. If you are going to call the members of your list, be sure that you carefully review before calling to ensure that the member is not on any registry that indicates that they do not wish to be called. This is why email marketing is probably your most effective tool when it comes to contacting your MLM leads and trying to drum up some new business this way.

How to Improve Your Odds of Connecting With MLM Leads

You can improve the success rate of using an MLM genealogy list by taking certain steps. One of the most important things that you need to do is develop a strong email marketing campaign that you can use to contact the members of your lists. An effective email marketing list campaign may be able to sway some new members into your network, even if they already thought that they were happy members of another MLM downline. Although some would call this “poaching,” in all reality is the way business happens on a regular basis. Be careful to not use negative means to convince others to join you, never bash another MLM network or create any negative press for someone else. Instead, use the positive aspects of your MLM downline and the benefits of being a part of your network as your tools for drawing in new members.

People join networks only when they are ready to do so. You are going to be unlikely to convince a true nonbeliever to sign on, until you are able to show them the many advantages of being a part of your network. This “courting” process is going to be a critical part of developing your MLM business, and one that you should be actively focused on.

Once you get MLM leads to join your network, you have to continue to build on that relationship and continue to develop their loyalty to your MLM downline. The idea is that your network members will believe in your network as strongly as you do, and continue to recruit new members to the network. This is how the strongest networks are built. As with any type of investment or business, you are only as strong as your weakest members, so cultivating strong, active and loyal members is the key to your success and the success of everyone involved in your MLM downline.

MLM genealogy lists will continue to be a strong method for growing your MLM downline, but you have to understand not only the benefits, but the limitations that may be involved before you begin to use this method to create your MLM business. Focus on getting the strongest leads that you can, because strong leads will create strong downlines, and help your company earn amazing profits. The MLM industry is competitive, and there are many options for home based business opportunity seekers looking to make a buck online. Your offer has to be the best one around if you want to lure the strongest and most active members to your network.


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