Should You Segment Your Email List?

email list

Home based business opportunity seekers should learn about the value of segmentation when it comes to their email lists.  Some marketing studies have reported that less than half of email list users have even thought of segmentation, but once they have tried it, they are finding better success with any email marketing campaigns.  This includes higher open rates, higher click through rates and lower unsubscribe rates.  Each of these factors plays a part in the overall success for the home based business opportunity seeker.

What are some ways in which an email list can be segmented?  Well, you can use some of the obvious factors, like age group, gender and geographical location, for starters.  Other ways to segment email lists may be trickier and require a little more research, but it may be well worth it in the long run when you see the returns that can accompany this effort.

Some home based business opportunity seekers have tried segmenting their email lists into groups that include customers who have referred new business and customers who have not.  Making a special offer to reward those already in the first group is great, and can often get them to buy from you again.  Offering a special incentive for those first time referrers can also be very powerful, “Get a friend to sign up and save!” is something that many people will be drawn to.  Offering incentives to people who are referring regularly is even more powerful.  How about, “Refer 5 friends and get a free (***)!”.  Imagine the results with that statement!

Another great way to segment your email list is to divide it into sections, separating those customers who have written a review for you, and those who you would like to inspire to do so.  Home based business opportunity seekers can benefit greatly from reviews, so reward those who already have with a special offer, and give an incentive to others to send some cyber praise your way.

Segmenting basically gives you better control over how you are communicating with your email list, and it is a great marketing technique if you want to increase your profits!

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