Risks of Buying Network Marketing Leads

network marketing leads

Depending on who you ask, you are going to get several different opinions about the pros and cons to buying network marketing leads lists. Some are completely opposed, others completely in favor of it.  Most commonly, you will find expert who fall into the line of thinking that, if you do it properly, it can work well.  So, how can you do it properly and do it well?  It is not necessarily easy, but it definitely can be done.

One of the major disadvantages to buying a network marketing leads list is that you are most likely getting a list that has been sold, resold, sold again, shared, and so on. These people are bombarded with constant email offers, and they have pretty much become completely numb to it, and are very, very likely to just completely ignore your offer (or worse yet, send it to the dreaded spam folder), and you will not really see any benefit from your lead generation campaign at all. This is a shame, since you have probably developed a great sales pitch and landing page (you have done this already, right?), and you are going to suffer the effects of having it fall on deaf cyber-ears.  Unopened email offers are completely worthless to you. So, because of that, you really want to make sure that your list of network marketing leads is really just that, a list of good, solid leads.  Unless these people want to hear from you, and you specifically, then you are really taking a risk by contacting them. That’s not to say that you might not get a few good leads this way, it is just definitely more hit or miss, rather than calculated.

With that said, if you do choose to use a purchased network marketing leads list, know what you are working with.  Understand the limitations, and that perhaps you have to be even more compelling and charming in your efforts to win over these recipients.  After all, if you do have the ability to stand out in the inbox of someone who is on a ton of lists and getting barraged with emails, then you are really on to something great!

Do You Have a Sender Score?

Many companies who are involved with email marketing list and looking for network marketing leads are sending out thousands of emails. There are companies that are tracking “sender scores,” and determining a ranking for those senders. Taking into consideration the number of emails sent, the number of emails that are opened, the number of emails that are sent to spam, and other factors and assigning a “score.” If you have too many undeliverable emails, or too many reported as spam, your sender score will go down. As your score goes down, more and more of the main email services will start sending your messages straight to spam, not even letting them get through the filter. This is not the situation that you want to be in, and purchasing a network marketing leads list will definitely put your sender score at a high risk, because you are sending emails to people who have not explicitly requested to hear from you.

The Dreaded Blacklist

Another problem with purchasing a network marketing leads list is that because you are potentially contacting people not sure they want to be on your list, if you get enough spam accusations, you could be blacklisted. This means you are not going to be able to send out emails at all, which could significantly impact your ability to build a network and develop relationships.

Work On Developing Relationships

Instead of purchasing network marketing leads list, or relying solely on the purchased lists, devote the majority of your efforts toward building real relationships with customers, and getting them to trust you and to want to hear from you. If these are people that you are hoping will ultimately join your network, then you want to be increasing your connection with them anyway. Starting with a list of strangers will make this process more difficult, to be sure.

Developing a list through a bulk email opt in is often a great way to develop network marketing leads, ones that will really have the chance to stick.  Unless someone specifically indicates that they want to hear from you, then you are going to be really taking a risk by contacting them with a special offer. Make it easier on yourself by opting to work with people who are definitely interested in hearing from you, because these are the people who are going to make for good network marketing leads. Whether you are building up a business network or starting an MLM downline, you want to ensure that you have the ability to contact large numbers of people that will be interested in hearing what you have to say.

Use email marketing, use your blog, and use your social media to spread the word about your network so that you can extend your catch to include as many people as possible. People from all walks of life may be interested in network marketing, as it can be a terrific way to make money online, and a great chance for a home based business opportunity seeker to build up their own home business.

When you build relationships, rather than buy lists, you can ensure that you are truly getting solid leads. There is not really anything wrong with buying lists, and you may find that you need to do this in the beginning, just to get your business started. But once you get going, focus on the development of more organic leads, ones that come from your inbound marketing efforts, your blog, your social media, and your existing network marketing leads. The stronger the leads, the more likely the conversions, and, the more likely the conversions, the higher the profits will be!  You should definitely be exploring all of your options when it comes to developing network marketing leads, and whether or not to buy lists is one of the first decisions that you will need to make.

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