How to Get Repeat Business from Sales Leads

It’s a funny thing about sales leads – we work really, really hard to get them but then we let them go once we get our one or two sales out of them. Wouldn’t it be nice to develop a relationship with these people and actually know that we can count on them buying more stuff from us in the future?

After all, once you know that a customer has made a purchase to begin with, you are more likely to be able to sell them more stuff in the future. Here are three ways you can guarantee your sales leads will keep coming back for more:

Respect Your Customers

The biggest mistake that most marketers make with sales leads is that they think that once a customer has made a purchase they should be deluged with offers of more stuff for sale. The reality is that someone who has made a purchase from you has taken a first step toward becoming a long term customer. Now, you need to ask questions – what do they think of the product they bought, how can it be improved? You do not want to deluge them with offer of more stuff.

Don’t Overdo It

You also need to make sure not to overdo it when you contact your sales leads, even if you aren’t sending them sales offers. You also need to make sure that they won’t feel like they want to remove themselves from your e-mail list simply because they’re overwhelmed by e-mails. A good rule would be to send no more than one e-mail a day and preferably one every few days.

Offer Freebies

Finally, you should offer freebies, things that are genuinely useful and which your sales leads will be grateful for. This will allow them to feel like they are developing a real relationship with you and are not just your cash machine. By doing this, you’ll find that customers that would have been one time purchasers will now become lifelong sales leads.

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