Effectively Recruiting Network Marketing Prospects

When you’re involved in an MLM business, you take on a lot of roles. You’re a business manager, an HR manager, and – most of all – a marketer. But many MLM business professionals don’t have a history of education in the marketing field, and figuring out how to effectively generate leads and then turn them into conversions can be tricky.

Getting those conversions is the big key for your success, and it’s important that you know how to do it. And while it can seem difficult, the reality is that there’s a fundamental secret to marketing that virtually all professionals in any type of business will focus on.

Pain, Problems, And The Foundation Of Marketing

Almost all marketing strategies focus on one thing: finding the pain or the problem, and offering a solution. What do we mean here? Think about the marketing pushes you’ve seen – they basically talk about a problem and offer a solution.

This applies to almost everything, from breakfast cereal to cable TV, and it’s one of the secrets that professional marketers use on a constant basis – and one that you can harness for yourself if you try. Once you master the key steps to it, you can begin to get the kind of conversions that your company deserves.

The Three Steps To Take

Once you understand the basic approach of identifying someone’s problem and then offering a solution, it’s time to put the theory into action. Here are the three simple steps that can start giving you better conversions.

  • Do Your Research – Start by knowing your audience. You’ll need to think about what your business offers and what kind of market you’re appealing to. For example, if you sell fitness or weight loss products, you’ll want to focus not just on people trying to lose weight, but on personal trainers and fitness professionals. This lets you reach a wider range of potential leads.Once you have a clear idea of who you’re targeting, it’s time to find their problem – their ‘pain’. For example, let’s say that you notice that many personal trainers have problems with clients leaving them after a period of time, or with additional ways to monetize their efforts. For individuals losing weight, it may be that they can’t control their snack cravings. The key is to figure out what the pain is, and how your product solves it.
  • Ask The Right Question – Now you’ll need to turn that into an actual marketing question. For example, for an individual like the one mentioned above, you could make a social media post asking them “Do you struggle to control those snack cravings and sabotage your weight loss efforts?
  • Offer The Solution – After you ask the question, offer your solution. This could be a simple ‘click here’ message, a link to a review of your product, a ‘contact me’ post, or even a link to a study about snack cravings and your products. But at the center of whatever you post should be a solution.

Using that basic three-step process you should be able to craft compelling ad copy. Here’s an example, still using the individual who struggles with snacking: “Do you struggle to control your snack cravings? This product could be a healthier alternative. Click here to learn more.”

See the technique in action? You identify their problem and offer a solution to it. If you’ll keep this in mind, you can start getting better conversions and move your company forwards in a big way.

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