Profiting From Freebies With Email List Marketing

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Freebies can really boost your business when it comes to email list marketing.  Getting something for free is a wonderful bonus for most customers, some have even come to expect it because it is so commonplace.  Getting something for free makes people in your email address database happier and more likely to return and make a purchase from you again at a later date.

In your own shopping experiences, you can probably admit that you may have been drawn to one product over another based on the fact that something was offered for free in addition to your purchase.  A free pair of socks with the purchase of shoes, a free purse size stain remover stick that is sold with your regular laundry detergent.  This is the same concept that we are talking about.  Except with email list marketing, the freebies may look a little different.  They might be things like a free eBook, a free download, a tip sheet, free shipping or a discount for their next purchase.    Each of these things works like an incentive to get your email address database members snapped into action.  Whether you are offering a freebie as a perk for joining your email list or you are offering it as a perk that comes with a purchase, you will find that this little “extra” may go a long way toward establishing customer loyalty and keep your email list marketing program very strong and successful.

Finding the right freebie to accompany your purchase is important if you want it to enhance your email marketing list campaign.  You want the products to be somewhat related, or at least relevant.  Consider adding a free newsletter containing helpful tips if you are selling cleaning supplies.  Or, if you are selling running apparel, then perhaps a free pair of extra shoelaces or a sample of an odor killing product may be helpful.

Be creative when looking for ideas about freebies for your email marketing list.  You will find that this type of promotion can help to beef up your email address database and that you will get more customers, especially repeat ones, if you offer freebies.

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