Pro Problem Solver – The Core of Pull Marketing

If you’re chasing people, rather than them chasing you, you probably need some pull marketing training.

At the core of pull marketing is learning how to become a problem solver for your leads. Do you know what problems you should be listening for? Do you know what to ask and how to respond? Do you know how to strategically use those triggers?

The Right Mindset

One of the biggest issues for many network marketing professionals is that once they start getting a team of reps together, they begin to think of themselves as a kind of ‘professional babysitter’. But this isn’t the right mindset. Instead, you need to start thinking of yourself as a professional problem solver.

Adapting the mindset lets you enjoy numerous benefits including:

• Less stress about helping your team
• Better guidance for your team
• The ability to attract more promising leads and generate better conversions

In short, your mindset will have a tremendous impact on the way that you succeed in your business, and it’s important to adapt a ‘problem solver’ mentality.

Once you adopt this proper mindset, there are a few basic things that you can start doing to become the professional problem solver that your company needs. This really comes down to two primary things.

What You Solve For Others

This should be a simple enough question to answer since it is essentially your overall product pitch. No matter what area your network marketing company is involved in, at the heart of it is the fact that you should be able to identify problems others are having and offer a solution.

Here are a few questions you can ask a lead to start going down this path.

• What have you tried in the past to reach your goals?
• Where do you feel you fell short?
• What kind of current goals do you have?
• What are your financial challenges?
• What kind of additional earnings would you like to make?

As you can see, these questions can be applied to just making a sale of some product as well as to signing up a potential new rep for your company. Once you take a closer look at what kind of problems someone has, you’ll then be able to start taking steps towards solving those issues and reaching some better results for your business.

What Your Product Or Company Contributes To Others

This is the natural extension of the point above. There are two sides to this coin:

• What does the product directly offer to those who buy it?
• What does your product or company offer to those looking for a financial opportunity?

Obviously, being able to sell your product to those who need it depends on showing them what it can do for them. But if you want to really thrive in the network marketing field, you should also pay attention to being able to showcase your opportunity to those who are looking for a financial opportunity that will help them earn a solid income through something that they love.

When you target these people, you’re able to ask them questions like ‘do you want the opportunity to earn additional money?’ or ‘does the potential to earn a six figure income sound like something you’re interested in?’. These questions can help you show what your company offers, and is a different approach to marketing yourself.

Keep these basic points in mind and work on approaching your business as being a professional problem solver. It can change the very face of your business and your success with it.

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