Can a Press Release Help You Build Your Lists?

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Press releases may be an underutilized method of building up your email lists and your business email address database. A press release is intended to highlight something new and noteworthy about your business. This may include special offers, business changes, new products, merging companies, new personnel or any other interesting development that your customers may be interested in. What’s powerful about a press release when it comes to building your email lists is that it is often viewed somewhat more respectably than an advertisement or even an article. A properly written and formatted press release containing a link to the newsworthy item can be very valuable when it comes to building your business email address database.

Follow Proper Guidelines

Before you jump right in and start writing a press release, be sure to do a little research to find out how to format it properly. A poorly written press release, or one that does not follow the proper guidelines, will not be accepted by the press release services and will do you little good. In order to use a press release to build your email lists, you need to have the press release include a link that goes directly where you want the reader to go, right to the part where they subscribe or make a purchase. When they enter their email address, they are choosing to opt in to your business email address database.

Press releases can be submitted to a large number of directories. From there, news sites choose the press releases that are most interesting, or they are most related to certain other news items. The more times a press release is submitted, the greater the chances of it being read and followed.

Careful Planning and Forethought

Press releases are important for both online and offline advertising. You can submit a press release to online directories, and you can also submit it to print media, like newspapers and magazines. The more exposure that you can get, the better. What is very important when it comes to using a press release is that it cannot be an actual advertisement. It must be a report of some news event or change. Put plenty of planning and forethought into developing your press release if you are intending to use it to help build your business email address database and email lists.

Advertisements are often only glanced over unless they are very compelling. A press release is often viewed differently, because it is intended to showcase a new event, product or development. Build your email lists by developing press releases and submitting them to the right directories. As readers click through to read more about the reported development, they will gain interest in your company’s products and services and be more likely to respond.

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