Personalizing an Email Marketing Campaign

database mailing list

Email marketing campaigns using a database mailing list is often impersonal by design. One of the keys to success with this type of business venture is to personalize the campaign and try to forge a personal connection with each of the members of the email database list. This is not as difficult as you may think, there are ways that you can connect with your recipients—remember, if you are using a good email list that contains addresses obtained voluntarily and you continue to connect with the recipients appropriately, you will find that they want to hear from you, and may even look forward to having your communications appear in their inboxes.

Say My Name!

One of the surest ways to gain the attention of the recipients on your database mailing list during an email marketing campaign is to use the first name of the people on the email list when you send a message. People are far more inclined to open an email that is personally addressed to them. Without a personal name, the email looks much more like bulk mail, and, most people will read this last—if they read it at all. They may just delete it without even opening it. A first name definitely makes it feel more personal and inviting.

If you can get the members of your database mailing list to open your email, this will definitely increase the likelihood of them clicking at least once and getting to your site or the landing page for your great offer.

Get Back to Me!

Even more important than addressing those on your database mailing list in a personal way is that you must always respond to any inquiries, comments or other communications directed toward you by those on your email list. No question or comment should go unnoticed. People want to be heard, and when you respond to them you will make them feel important and they will want to stay on as one of your customers and remain on your email list. Make your customers a top priority and respond quickly, usually within 24 hours for best results.

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