Personalize Your Bulk Email Opt In For Best Results

bulk email opt in

Getting people to sign up for your email list is one of the tricky things about email marketing, and every home based business opportunity seeker has different ideas about how to get this part of the job done.  Building up a large email address database is extremely helpful, because you will have a good number of potential email leads anytime you have an offer or choose to run a special campaign.

One of the tricks of the trade, when it comes to having people use a bulk email opt in form is to personalize the subscription form that you present to them.  Offering people ideas about the benefits and features that are included with membership to your email list is great, but when you can do it in a creative way, this is even better.

There are plenty of examples of very boring subscription forms (e.g., “Click here to sign up”) and plenty that are much more intriguing (“Want to know more facts about …?”).  When you can appeal to the inquisitive nature of humans, especially by asking a rhetorical question about a topic that you already know they are interested in (because they visited your site or opened your email in the first place), then you are going to see better results and bigger numbers when it comes to generating email leads for your email marketing campaign.

When you personalize the form, or at least the “thank you for signing up” email that your members will receive (you are thanking them, right?) then you will begin to build trust and recognition right out of the gate.  They will appreciate this attention to detail, and be more likely to remember you because you at least took the time to set up an autoresponder than personalizes.  A personal email is best, but, depending on the numbers of new members, this may not be a time effective strategy.  Whenever possible, personalize and customize, for your bulk email opt in, your email messages and your autoresponders.       

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