Overcoming Your Fears of Speaking About Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity

Throughout the years, people have often had a tremendous amount of difficulty speaking to others in general. Public speaking regularly gets listed as being a bigger fear than death – it’s that profound of a problem. And to make things worse, those who are engaged in network marketing often feel as though they’re facing a stigma created by years of scam companies taking advantage of others.

Those two things combine to create serious anxiety about speaking to other people about a networking business. If you’re coping with this problem, you already know how real it can be. Issues include:

• Figuring out how to start a conversation about your business
• Determining what to tell others about your company
• Feeling as though you’ll be ignored or ridiculed
• And more

In short, you could have fears of talking about your network marketing business in any way at all. Whether it’s a presentation in front of 10 people or just talking directly, one on one to someone, this can hold you back from your true potential. But there are ways to overcome those fears and get the confidence you need to succeed at doing so.

The Question of Confidence

The first thing we’ll need to touch on is simply how confident you are in yourself, your network marketing company, and your potential. If you want to be a successful speaker and carry on important conversations about your business opportunity, then you need to believe in it and in yourself.

This means a lot of different things, including making sure that you know why your opportunity stands out as being worth the attention of others and ensuring that you really do feel like it offers what you deserve – and what you should be offering to others.

Let’s review a few points:

• Are you confident that your goals are attainable?
• Do you believe that your current network marketing business model is one that you can succeed with?
• Do you feel like you’re offering something of value to those you tell about your network marketing company?

If you answered yes to those questions, then you should be confident enough in what you’re doing to start talking to others about your business. If you have doubts and reservations, they’ll impact your ability to really discuss what you are offering with others.

Overcoming Your Fears Of Speaking About Your Business

Having All The Answers

Another thing that will help you be ready to talk to others about your network marketing business might surprise you – having information for them. Knowledge is power, but it is surprising how many people out there fail to really understand all of the specifics of their business before they start talking to someone about it.

You want to come across as a true professional, and that means knowing all of the ins and outs of your network marketing company and what it does. This involves everything from products to what joining your team as an affiliate member will provide, and it’s important that you have the answers. Not only will you be able to speak more effectively, but you’ll be able to find additional confidence that wasn’t there before.

Here are a few things that are worth thing about when you’re preparing to start sharing your business with the world.

• Your Products – You need to know everything there is to know about your products. This includes the specifics of what they do for the customer, their overall benefits, ingredients, what sets them apart from other similar products on the market, prices, any special offers or discounts you may have, and more. In short, know your products inside and out.

• Your Network Marketing Business – Even if you’re not planning on talking to someone about your business opportunity, what happens if they want to discuss it? Do you know the different ways to earn? Can you explain to them what it is that helps your business stand out? Can you explain to them how they are able to earn money and grow with your business? Be sure you have the answers.

• Your Personal Experiences – Talking to someone about your overall personal experiences can have a big impact on helping them make a decision. Instead of telling them secondhand stories from others, being able to show and explain how your business and what you provide has changed your own life could help you convince them that you’re worth paying attention to.

All in all, having the information you need to make a solid presentation and carry on a discussion with others will be instrumental in ensuring that you tell them everything they need to know and that you become a truly great speaker when it comes to your business opportunity.

Finding A Common Bond

Once that you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals you want to talk about, you’ll face the next big challenge – starting up the conversation. For many, this is the most intimidating part since knowing how to bring up your business in a way that doesn’t seem convoluted or obnoxious isn’t always easy. Many people miss out on a number of potential sales or even potential leads just because they can’t figure out how to start talking about their company.

One key step that can have a tremendous impact in helping you is to identify common bonds and interests and then evolve them into a discussion about your business opportunity. One thing people are always ready to talk about? Themselves. So, the key thing you’ll need to consider is simply how to learn more about them and what appeals to them, then use that as the entry point into a discussion about your Network Marketing business. For example, here are a few things that you can ask people to help start a conversation.

• Where are you from?
• What do you do for a living?
• Do you have any kids?
• What are you interested in?

By talking directly to them about themselves, you’ll be able to start generating interesting conversations that will actually turn into discussions about your business opportunity. Here’s an example: They tell you that they have two kids. You can start talking about how expensive raising kids is today. Sprinkle in some stories about your own kids and how you are using your products to help pay for their school supplies or finance a vacation. That can help generate interest in joining your business.

When it comes to selling products, use the information that the other person gives you about themselves to find areas that they could find your product useful for. Whether you’re selling them beauty supplies, essential oils, or nutritional supplements and fitness products, there are plenty of ways to directly connect with them and show them what your company has to offer them. You just need to find the right entry point into the discussion.

Simply put, finding common bonds and shared ideas or goals can often help you spot the different ways you can talk to others about your business. And when you let them tell you about themselves, it’s easier to do. Ask them questions and use their answers, and you’ll be on the way to better success.


Passion, Products, And Empowerment – Tips For Better Speaking Results

So, now you have a fairly solid idea of the fundamentals of good speaking and a good way to start up conversations. But putting it all together can still be tricky. That’s why you’ll want to spend time mastering the art of talking to others about your business.

Luckily, remembering several key points can have a big impact on your speaking results. It will take time to truly understand everything about the process, but here are some things worth keeping in mind.

• Bring passion to every conversation. If you seem like you barely have any interest in your products or business yourself, it will be hard to generate excitement in others. Instead, you should be passionate and put that passion on display in every sentence you speak. It really will make a difference.

We’ve already talked about knowing your products inside and out, but another thing you need to remember is that you’ll have to be able to match up the products to the person that needs them. Listen to what they talk about and consider each statement, then try to match it up to a product you provide. It may take a while, but eventually you’ll spot the opening you need.

Talk about what your business has done for you or what kind of impact your products have had on your life. Has a certain product changed your fitness regimen in a huge way? Or has it helped you in other parts of your life? Talking about how a particular product has empowered you can help show others how important things are.

• Get a good handle on how to talk about what you do without sounding like a salesperson. You know the difference for yourself, most likely. Instead of constantly trying to bring up every product you have or consistently turning conversations to your business opportunity, keep things more low-key. Carry on a discussion and when it’s prudent, use your products as an example. What you’re offering should support your discussions, not be the entire focus of conversations.

• Start off with friends and family members. Even if they tell you upfront that they have no interest in buying anything, just seeing if you can talk to them will let you practice the process with a bit less anxiety. Starting with someone you’re comfortable with will help you get the hang of the basics so you can move on to talking to others.

• Speak to everyone! Once you get the basics down, the only way to get better and to start working towards actual results is simply to get out there and talk. Speak to anyone and everyone you can about your business. You’ll likely find some leads on your own through marketing, but what about the person in the waiting room at the DMV? Or the parent at the pool party? You could start up a conversation with a lot more people than you realize, and each of them could potentially provide you with sales. Always be ready to talk about your business.

• Finally remember this simple question – what’s the worst that could happen? Seriously consider this. If you try to talk to someone about your business, what is the worst possible outcome? They politely change conversation? They rudely tell you to stop trying to sell them something? They laugh? Now consider this – do those outcomes really impact your drive and your willingness to succeed? The answer is simple. You have little to lose from talking to someone about your business, but you could potentially gain a customer. In other words, it’s a low-risk, high-gain situation.

Simply put, you’ll want to be sure that you are passionate about your business and that you have the knowledge to back up that excitement. Once you have those two basics down, you’ll be able to overcome your anxieties and fears and get out there and talk to others about your business in a meaningful way.

Practice Makes Perfect

One key thing to keep in mind is that speaking to others in a professional capacity is an art. As such, you’ll need to remember that you may not be a master at it initially. Practice really does make perfect.

Start by knowing your bullet points – that list of the key features you want to highlight when talking about your business opportunity. Then, take those features and practice with them. Get a mirror and start discussing the various key points you want to bring up. You never know how the flow of the conversation will go, but having a few things you want to highlight is important and being able to bring them up effectively will make a big difference in your success.

After you nail those basic points, the rest is really just a matter of doing it. Talk to as many people as you can about your network marketing business using all of the tips above. Over time, you’ll start seeing little things that work and identifying some things that don’t. You’ll eventually be able to craft your skills more effectively and eventually become a true master of speaking.

Your Network Marketing business depends on spreading knowledge about it to others. Be sure that you know how to do so in order to ensure that you’re plotting the best future for yourself and your business. It’s easier than you think to overcome your fears and start moving forwards towards your goals.

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