Getting the Most Out of Opt In Email Leads

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Opt in email leads are ideal, because when you send out your email marketing offers, you can be certain that the recipients actually want to hear from you. This is somewhat different from those email marketing list campaigns that target a more random list. There are definite benefits to purchasing email lists for sale, but it is even better when you can get people to opt in to a mailing list.

Steer Clear of Spamming

When you offer your email marketing list recipients the option to remain on the list or be removed, it is seen as very respectful to those recipients. How many times per day do you receive some great offer in your own inbox? Most people could not possibly read all of them. How do you decide which ones to check out? You probably start with those offers that come from companies that you recognize, or places that you know you have visited or done business with in the past. These are the offers that you trust the most. You have chosen to be on that list. This makes you one of the opt in email leads for another company. Putting yourself in the position of the recipient of one of your email marketing list offers is important, since you can view your own offer as if you were receiving it, not sending it.

When you just send out an email to thousands of recipients without making sure that they are truly opt in email leads that are on your email marketing list, then you may end up getting accused of spamming. One way to avoid this is to have a very simple and effective way for recipients to “unsubscribe” to your list. This way, those folks that receive unsolicited emails from you may get off of your list if this is not something they are interested. Ideally you would have charmed them with your enticing offer, but, in the event that this does not happen, let them go. Trying to keep people on your email marketing list when they do not want to be there is not only futile, but pretty unethical, too. Always opt to be the better business person and respect the wishes of those who do not want to receive any more offers.

The unsubscribe process should only take a second or two, and it should effectively remove the recipient from your email marketing list. Making it harder to get off of a list will only be irritating. Focus on developing a relationship with your opt in email leads instead if you want more success.

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