What Opportunity Leads Really Want to Hear

Opportunity leads can be a funny bunch of people. One the one hand, they tend to be dreamers, people who want to get out of the rat race and build their own business which offers them the freedom to live their lives as they see fit. They have dreams of the four hour work week and sipping fruity drinks on a beach somewhere while their businesses simply rake the in the cash without their involvement.

Okay, so that’s the cliché. Opportunity seekers however are not really all so naïve. Here’s how to sell to them:

They Do Want the Dream

First, most opportunity leads are looking for the dream. That means that you do need to speak to their desires to be their own bosses and to live the good life that they’ve read about. However, those who have serious money to invest also tend to realize in the back of their minds at least that it’s not all fun and games.

But They Also Want to Know How it Works

Opportunity leads also need to know that the opportunity you are offering to sell them is legitimate. They need to be able to see how the system you are selling will actually make them money and they need to know about the proof you have that it actually works.

Basically, they want to know why the dream is attainable rather than simply another fake opportunity. Therefore, you need to offer them something tangible and ideally they need to see some valuable information which will allow them to begin running their business.

And They Want to Know You’re Reliable

Finally, when working with opportunity leads, you need to offer some kind of guarantees. You need to be able to offer people who buy your opportunity the chance to back out within a reasonable period of time (say 60 days) so that they know that you stand behind the opportunity you are offering them.

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