Should You Offer Freebies?

email listIf you are thinking about beefing up your business opportunity mailing list, then you may be thinking about offering freebies on your site for your email list. Offering a free trial is an extremely popular way to attract and hopefully keep new customers on your email list. Choosing exactly what type of free offer to include can be somewhat of a challenge, however.

Knowing what will work as a lure for your business opportunity mailing list depends a lot on what type of business or service you have. One important thing to remember is that you have to make it easy for the members of your email list to get the freebie that you are offering. Demanding a ton of personal information or making them jump through a lot of hoops just to get some small free thing or discount.

Follow Up For Feedback

One of the keys to using a successful freebie program with your business opportunity mailing list is to follow up and get feedback on how the freebie was received and what people are thinking about your business. Feedback can be extremely helpful, and you should take it very seriously. It can be difficult to build your email list if you cannot keep your current business opportunity mailing list secure.

If your freebie is a trial period of a service or product, then getting feedback is even more critical. If your business opportunity mailing list does not stay interested in your product or service, then you need to know why that is, and what you could possibly do to change it so that they would be interested. If the suggestions are productive and constructive, then you should consider making the suggested changes. Ensure your customers on your email list that you are interested in their feedback and that you value their opinion highly.

When people are under the impression that their opinion matters and that they have a say in how a product or service is developed, they will gain respect for your company and be more likely to remain on your business opportunity mailing list for a long time, helping you profit substantially from your email list.

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