Network Marketing Software: The Programs Breaking Ground in the New Year

The world of network marketing is always evolving, which means you need to stay on your A-game.

Sure, reading books on business, forming relationships, and money management keeps you sharp. But it is the right network marketing software that can give you the competitive edge you need this year.

We’ve found all the best ones available for all your business needs.

From training to prospecting and marketing, here is your go-to list of online tools to utilize right away.

Training Software

Proper training is the bread and butter of network marketing success.

You need to know how to work your industry, connect with customers, and keep your eyes on the prize. Sometimes this requires professional skills, while other times, it’s a matter of personal drive and tenacity.

The following network marketing software options help you understand and develop such skills and more.

The 3 Pillars to Success

This software is your in-depth guide to getting your network marketing business up and running.

Here, you will learn how to create six figures with the tools provided. The “3 Pillars to Success” takes you through everything from creating a website to establishing a strong marketing campaign for it.

With this guide, you can go from a small team to a rapidly expanding group of business builders. You just need the software to get started!

Personal Branding Specialist

Always remember to put just as much work into your personal brand as you do to your business.

Over time, your brand will start to speak for itself and naturally drive customers to you. To achieve this, though, you need to make your brand the best it can be.

This is the network marketing software to help you do just that. Personal Branding Specialist shows you how to best promote and market yourself in a way that is consistent and genuine.

It helps you generate new conversations with others on a regular basis. This is key to establishing a relationship and taking the next steps.

Prospecting and Follow-Up Software

To really know how to establish a relationship with your audience, you have to know how to prospect. From there, you need to act on opportunities as they become available.

Not sure how to weed out the interested customers from those who are on the fence? Still working on building your confidence for the follow-up?

If so, you need the guidance of network marketing software options below.

The Customer Prospecting Expert

You should always have a stream of leads going. This ensures you have a regular flow of conversions and new successes for your business as a whole.

If anything, it means your brand is actively expanding and getting in front of more people. This feels natural at first because most initial prospects come from your warm market – your inner circle of friends and family.

Once you’ve exhausted this network, there are other methods you can try. Find out five ways to prospect people with the help of this software.

Customer Relationship Management Software

The best way to tell if your prospecting efforts are successful is to see how many people are moving through your sales funnel. A sales funnel is the steps people take to go from potential lead to a customer that has purchased a product or joined your team.

Track each part of the funnel with the help of Customer Relationship Management Software.

This helps you see how far along all of your leads are. Some of them may have only had a few interactions with you, while others should be ready to make a commitment.

Marketing Software

To help move people along your funnel, and get more leads engaged with it, you need to market yourself.

Don’t be the network marketer that depends on their relationships and personal brand to do all the work. You have to make the time to give your business the exposure it deserves.

Here are a handful of network marketing software tools to make your efforts more efficient and successful.


Buffer is one of the best social media scheduling systems out there.

It helps you juggle all the DMs you get, the comments you have to reply back to, and the new posts you have to share. This system is compatible with all the top social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Use this to stay caught up with your audience and ahead of your competitors.


Another way to reach your audience is to email them directly.

Emails are a more personal marketing approach than social media. These can help strengthen the bonds you’ve started to foster via your Facebook statuses and Instagram stories.

MailChimp can help you utilize emails as best as possible. It is an email automation system that allows you to plan mass emails ahead of time.

This means you can plan follow-ups, newsletters, and more all from one place. Such scheduling abilities keep your conversations going and allow you to focus on maintaining a clean inbox.

Social Media Strategist

If you aren’t seeing the social media or email results you’ve been hoping for, it’s time to try something new. A Social Media Strategist can point you in the right direction.

This is your inside scoop on the best strategies and tactics to use for each channel. It is a network marketing software meant to take your following and engagement rates from “eh” to “WOW.”

All you need is the time to sit down, go through the strategist’s suggestions, and do the work.

Access Some of the Top Network Marketing Software Options in One Place

Not sure which of the software choices above to begin with?

We recommend making a plan to take on each one at a time. This will allow to hone in on the material being shared and the resources each network marketing software makes available to you.

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