Network Marketing Sales Training 101 – The first 30 Seconds

One of the biggest challenges that a new network marketer faces is simply finding their footing and moving forwards as a salesperson and business leader. You’ll have a lot of responsibilities as a Network Marketing Professional, but the problem for many is that their background isn’t in sales and marketing. And when that’s the case, it can be much harder to figure out what path to take to success.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to put together this short introduction to sales – Sales Training 101, so to speak. If you’re serious about trying to become the best network marketer possible, you’ll want to keep the following information in mind and apply it to your strategy every day.

Break Down Walls

The first step is simply to break down walls and create a connection with your potential leads or team prospects. The mistake that too many people make is by trying to just throw a hard sale at everyone who shows interest in what they have to offer. But that just comes across as desperate. Instead, you need to form a bond. People are more likely to do business with you when they feel that they know you. Here are a few tips:

  • Ask a little about them and how they are
  • Find out more about what their current life is – where they are in life
  • Try to find a couple of similarities that you have with someone and make a quick mention of it.

You shouldn’t spend too long here, of course, and don’t need to try to have a 5-minute conversation about the weather or a baseball team – unless they seem to want to. But what you do need to do is simply break the ice and form a bit of a connection.

Make Them Smile, Make Them Laugh

One of the easiest ways to break down those walls is with a smile or a laugh. You can weave a joke or a funny comment into your introduction or your responses to their statements about themselves in numerous ways, and once you master this art you’ll be much closer to making sales.

If you’re struggling to really break the ice and put someone at ease to some degree, try to find your sense of humor and get a smile. It will make a big difference.

Quickly Probe For Info

Now it’s time to really start your approach to making a sale. Probing for information is a key part of being successful here because it will make it easier to know what angle you should take when making your pitch. Some examples of what you can ask include:

  • How did you find out about me and my business?
  • What convinced you to contact me?
  • What are your current goals?

That last one could focus on their current goals with something related to your products, or with their financial situation. Either way, you’re trying to find out what you can about what it is that they need, and then take that information and explain to them why your product or company can help them reach their goals.

Practice Makes Perfect

Nobody is immediately a master salesperson. But if you’ll keep the tips above in mind and start using them regularly, you’ll gradually see that you’re becoming a better business leader. It can take some practice, but the effort is well worth it for the results you’ll ultimately end up getting.

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