Network Marketing Lists: Not a Pyramid Scheme

multi level marketing list

If you have been considering trying network marketing lists as a way to make money online, you may be getting some mixed reviews about whether or not it is a good idea.  Many people are mistakenly led to believe that network marketing lists are related to pyramid schemes.  Unfortunately, this is a bad reputation that is largely undeserved.  Multi level marketing list businesses and network marketing lists are not exactly one and the same with pyramid schemes.  Although there are parts of the basic concept that are related, you are not likely to lose everything when you become involved with network marketing—some pyramid schemes have left people without a life savings and with a ruined reputation.

Before you get involved with any type of network marketing lists or multi level marketing list business, you are smart to do your research.  You want to make sure that you are involving yourself with a reputable business, and not getting involved in a shady deal that will leave you in financial ruin.  There are several ways that you can distinguish between a pyramid scheme and any other type of legitimate network marketing list business.

Network marketing lists and multi level marketing list businesses resemble pyramid schemes because of the visual representation of the MLM downline.  With one person at the top bringing in new members, and then each of those members bringing in additional members, the chart can quickly look like a pyramid in shape.  The main difference is that a network marketing list or multi level marketing business involves promotion of goods and services, and is perfectly legal.  A pyramid scheme generally involves only the exchange of money for recruiting new members, and is illegal.  Keep in mind that most business models will represent a pyramid, with a hierarchy of supervision and responsibility.  But, most businesses are operating legally.  Don’t let the visual shape of the business model interfere with your participation.  A reputable company is a reputable company!  Do the research to avoid becoming a victim of a scam, but you will find that network marketing lists are a profitable way to do business.

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