Network Marketers – Listen First then Position Yourself and Hook Them

There are a lot of different things that can enhance your capabilities as a network marketer, and it’s important to take time to hone your skills whenever you can. One thing that is often mentioned is communication skills, and there is no question that this is absolutely vital for anyone who wants to become a better network marketer.

And when it comes to communication, few things are as important as taking the time to listen first, and then take your turn to speak. This is something that is well worth understanding more about so you can master the art of listening and communicating effectively.

The Aggressive Approach

Jack Canfield once said “Focus on being interested versus interesting”. That’s an important quote to remember, especially in a field where most people’s approach is simply to try to cram a product or information down someone’s throat and hope it convinces them to make a purchase.

But that glut of information isn’t really what can be considered communication, is it? The best network marketers understand that they need to create a connection with a potential customer or team member, and just throwing out a bunch of stats and a sales pitch isn’t what will bring you that kind of success.

A Better Way

Luckily, there’s a better option, and that is simply to listen first. Every lead or prospect that you encounter has one thing in common – they have needs and wants. Whether it’s a weight loss goal or reaching a financial milestone, everyone has something that they would like to achieve. But when you’re too busy talking it’s impossible to figure out what that is. And until you know what their need is, it’s harder to show them why your product or company is right for them.

When you listen first, you’ll give yourself information that you can then use to make a sale or sign up a prospect. Here are some basic tips to remember.

  • Start off your conversation by asking them questions to find out more information about their life and what they’re trying to find. Ask them what it is they’re looking for, or what they need from a product or company.
  • Ask what their overall goals are. Go beyond just short term needs and where they are today, and find out where they want to be in the future.
  • Now turn that information into your sales pitch. Explain how it is that your products can help them reach a weight loss goal, or how your company can make it easier to earn extra money.

The key is being able to listen to what your leads have to say and then adapt your marketing strategy accordingly. It can take some practice to master that side of the process, but anyone out there can become a more effective communicator as long as they spend just a few minutes actually listening to those that they are interacting with. It’s a simple step that could change the way you approach every lead, and that could boost your bottom line in a hugely significant way.

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