Need Ideas for Your Internet Marketing Campaign?

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Coming up with new and innovative material for your email marketing list campaign is a challenge. How can you possibly continue to come up with new ideas, day in and day out? While this can be tricky, there are a few things that you can do to make it easier on yourself, and help the content keep flowing—whether you need to create downloadable content like ebooks and whitepapers, generate articles and blog posts, write press releases or publish tweets and status updates.

When you first set out to develop the content for your website and for your email marketing campaign (or MLM marketing campaign), things seem easy because you have a lot to say. You need to spend quite a bit of time educating your visitors and your leads about your company, and trying to get them on board with your network. This can take up a lot of content, but it will run dry at some point. Here are several ideas that you can use to help you continue to develop the kind of content that those on your email marketing database are looking for, and those who might be interested in joining your network marketing list or MLM downline might find helpful.

Current Events

Using current events to help you generate material that you can use to send out to the members of your email address database makes it easier to connect with those members. People will be more interested when you can tie your information to any current event, it can even be loosely related to your niche or topic. Consider the number of celebrity mentions that you see in article headlines, even when the actual article is not about the celebrity? As long as you do not make it too silly, you can use certain current events or celebrity mentions to help you get a little more interest in your pieces. Using current events for your email marketing campaign is also helpful to your search engine placement, because the search engines will recognize your article as being related to currently trending topics.

Repurposing Old Material

Take some time to review your analytics and see which of your articles, blog posts and downloadable materials got the most attention. Once you determine what was most popular, you can often repurpose this material and re-use it in some way that will help you generate new content. Take a whitepaper, for instance, and break it down into a series of helpful emails that you can use to market to your email address database and get some new interest. Even if these folks have seen what you had before, it can be very interesting and informative to have a refresher. Don’t use old information exactly, just try to take the general ideas and generate some new content using the old material. This is content recycling at its best. You will be conveying old ideas to new people, and reminding old customers why they are loyal to you in the first place. A true “win-win” situation. Remember to link to the old article when appropriate, to generate even more interest and more traffic.

Watch the Competition

Check out what your competition is doing. Subscribe to their email lists, and see what kinds of marketing materials they are using to entice their email address database. Be careful to not copy what they are doing exactly, but you can often get some great ideas and leads on content when you imitate the competition. When you keep an eye on the competitors, you can get a very good idea about what works and what does not.

Interview Industry Experts

Is there an authority in your niche that you can interview and then send out the results of that interview to your email address database? This is a great way to generate new interest in your email marketing list campaign. People love to hear what the experts have to say, and you can capitalize on this trend. This also shakes things up a bit, because it can be a little unexpected. Most people are expecting to open an email and find an article or newsletter, but finding an interview article or video can be a welcome surprise and be different enough to be very interesting. Interviewing an expert also relieves you from coming up with all of the content on your own, you ask the questions, then they are giving you the information for the responses, essentially creating your content for you.

Outsource When Needed

When all else fails, it might be time to outsource your content development needs to an outside writer. Sometimes an outside opinion can help you develop some new ideas, as well as write you some articles and blog posts that will work well with your email marketing campaign as well as your social media campaign. Fresh eyes and ideas are helpful, in all situations. You want your recipients to be getting great information from your email marketing campaign, and you need to be able to generate this material day after day, and make sure that you are connecting and communicating with your email address database members regularly, so that you can establish the relationship that you need to get great leads.

When you need ideas for your email marketing list campaign, you have to come up with creative ways to generate the content that you need. Everything that you send to your email address database needs to be interesting and high quality if you want it to be opened and responded to promptly. Recycle your content, assess your competition and outsource when necessary, so that your email marketing list campaign can be as effective as possible and help you to develop a more profitable company. Whether you are using your content for developing an email marketing list campaign or trying to build an MLM downline, you need to have nearly an endless supply of great content at your disposal in order to make an effect on your readers.

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