More Squeeze Page Ideas

bullk email opt in

In the case of the perfect squeeze page, less is definitely more.  Having something that is too fancy and too complicated is not going to be better than just sticking to the basics.  You want the recipients of your email marketing list campaign to be instantly directed to a squeeze page that is clear and free of any distractions that may take their immediate interest away from the offer that is at hand.   

Some home based business opportunity seekers are under the impression that there should be no graphics on a squeeze page.  There are mixed opinions about this, because visual information is often more compelling than text, but having a small amount of text, using bullet points to outline the benefits and features of the offer and keeping things simple can lead to quicker use of the bulk email opt in, or quicker conversions if that is the case.  If you do choose to use graphics, it is highly recommended that they are fairly consistent with the images, or types of images, that are included within your email or on your website, for the sake of continuity.

On your squeeze page, the entire content should be above the fold.  Edit if necessary, but do not require your visitors to scroll anywhere to find the offer link or the bulk opt in email offer.  If your offer must extend below the fold, have a second link to the same offer, you want that link to always be visible on the user’s screen, and not make them scroll to find out where they should be clicking.

The content that you include on your squeeze page is the most important part.  If you cannot develop great content for your own squeeze page, outsource.  Many home based business opportunity seekers find this to be a very successful way to effectively get the content developed that will help to generate more email leads for your company.

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