Time Allocation – Model the Top Network Marketers

Network marketers face a lot of challenges, from how they generate leads to how they present their opportunity and beyond. And while plenty of those challenges are different from those that other business leaders may face, one is universal – time management.

Simply put, there never really seems to be enough hours in the day, and as such it’s important that you master the art of getting the most value from every minute. Time allocation is something you need to become highly effective at, or you’ll end up struggling to find true success as a network marketer.

Luckily, there are some tips that can help you make this easier to do. If you’re struggling with your time allocation and find that you’re constantly being pulled in different directions, it’s worth mastering a few things.

Prioritizing Is The Key

Above all else, good time allocation is the key to success – and being able to set up your priorities properly is the key to mastering that. You’ll need to sit down and identify the different tasks and responsibilities associated with your business in order to get the best results. Here are three of the key priorities to focus on.

  • Prospecting – Give yourself a period of time each week or each day to prospect for leads. If you don’t continually generate leads, you’ll never find true success so this should be your top priority in almost all situations.
  • Training Downline – Once you start building a team, you have to ensure that they’re able to thrive in your business. This means giving them time each week and helping train and guide them.
  • Training Leaders For Better Retention – You also have to be able to trust in your leaders, and that means being taking time to train them and guide them as well. Be sure to focus on retention during your training to ensure that they are keeping your team together.

Along with these three points there are probably plenty of others that you’ll find coming up – website design, social media posts, and so on. Plus, you’ll have to give yourself a few minutes to relax each day. But above all else, be sure you’re prioritizing properly.

Block Your Week

Also be sure that you block out your work week. You’ll already know what your priorities are, but the next step is how to set up your schedule. True business leaders have a planner that they use to get through the day, and you should be no different.

In order to succeed here, you’ll need to set up a schedule that runs not just daily, but hourly. For example, you may decide to spend three hours on Tuesday and Wednesday just for lead generation – maybe 9 am to 12 pm. Or you could make Thursday from 2 pm to 5pm your weekly conference call to your leaders.

The key is blocking out every hour of each day so you have a clear roadmap. This way you avoid being distracted or floundering trying to figure out what to do. We’re creatures of habit, and once you start blocking out your week based on priorities you’ll find that network marketing success is easier to obtain.

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