MLM Success – Done is Better than Perfect

Once you make the decision to start a network marketing business, it can be an incredibly exciting moment. And there’s plenty to do – from figuring out how to brand yourself to creating a website to setting up presentations and beyond.

And because this is your business, you want everything to be perfect. That’s great – striving for perfection can help ensure that you’re putting forth the kind of effort that your business really deserves. However, what many don’t realize is that in the process of planning and developing your strategy and plan and trying to perfect it in every way, you actually end up treading water in the ocean of business success.

The Problem With Perfection

Everyone wants to present their business opportunity in the best possible light. But there are a few problems that can come about from that kind of perfectionism, including:

  • Nothing is perfect, and even when you’re building your business you’ll find that there is always somewhere that you can improve. When you’re trying to capture perfection, you’re often chasing a carrot on a stick that you’ll never fully catch.
  • While you’re working on the perfect website design, you could be out generating leads in person and making connections. While you’re writing the perfect speech for your presentation, you could be making social media posts that draw attention to your business. In short, time is precious and you can’t spend too much of it in the planning phase.
  • Failure to capture perfection can lead to serious frustration. If you allow yourself to become stressed or upset over this, it can hold you back and sabotage your efforts at moving towards success.

In short, you’ll certainly want to be the best that you can be. But if you spend too much time focusing on perfection, you’ll find that you’re never making forward progress and generating momentum. There is a much better approach that you need to take.

Finished Is Better Than Perfection

That approach is simple – finished is better than perfect. For example, let’s say you’re building a website. There’s a lot to think about here:

  • Colors
  • Button layouts
  • Images
  • Text descriptions
  • Contact info
  • Branding
  • And more

A perfectionist can literally spend months trying to design the perfect website. But in those months, you could have had a basic website already up and running, providing the info to visitors that is important, and generating leads and conversions.

The same goes for a presentation. You can spend weeks or months crafting a speech and presentation that you feel is perfection. But over those months, someone else could have already held three or four meetings and stolen your leads.

What we’re getting at is that while you need to be mindful of turning in the best possible performance and highest quality in everything you do, you can’t let those dreams of perfection stop you from making any progress at all.

You can always create a basic website and start using it, going back and modifying it over time. The same for your presentation or your social media page. You can hone your craft as you go, but the key thing is to actually start working on reaching your goals.

They say ‘deeds, not words’ are what matter. And in network marketing, ‘actions, not perfection’ are what will get you the leads you need.

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