Minimize the Risk of Spamming Your Email Marketing Database

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Most people would agree that spamming is considered to be an unethical way to do business on the Internet. Sending out piles of useless emails and bombarding people with “special offers” will ultimately get you labeled as a spammer, and you could suffer serious consequences with regard to your email account or IP address.

If you are using email marketing databases as part of your online Internet business campaign, then be sure to follow some basic rules to avoid being shut down. There are ways to limit the risk of being labeled as a spammer, and you should always be respectful of your recipients on your business opportunity lead list.

Don’t Be Afraid, But Be Smart

Many people will shy away from using email marketing databases for their online business because of the possibility of being labeled as a spammer. One way to minimize the risk is to be certain that you always use lists that are developed specifically as business opportunity lead lists. This helps to ensure that those people on the list are open to receiving offers via email. When you use random lists, or lists that have been gathered by email brokers using unsavory methods, then you will significantly increase the possibility of being considered a spammer.

Any time that you are looking for email marketing databases, or business opportunity lead lists, then you really should be clear about where these addresses come from. Avoid renting email marketing databases, and if you cannot put together your own legitimate database, then be sure to use email brokers that are known to be reputable.

Suffer the Consequences?

Your ISP may revoke email privileges or block your account if it is determined that you are improperly using email marketing databases for spam purposes. Also, you could experience problems with retaliation if you irritate enough people or the wrong people—some savvy computer users can be very vindictive, using automated calling services to call your toll-free number constantly for a week or sending constant bulk email to you and flooding your inboxes with garbage email.

Avoid as many complaints as possible by ensuring that you are using business opportunity lead lists properly and not abusing any email marketing databases that you may have access to.

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