Making Sure Your Email Marketing Campaign is Successful

email leads

Now that you have done the preliminary research to determine whether or not a market truly exists for your products and services, it is time to develop your email marketing list campaign, and start to see the profits roll in.  Your audience has hopefully helped you determine what it is they are looking for, and you have obtained this information through careful review of your analytics, including open rates, response rates, bounce rates and conversions.

Until you start to see the conversions, even the opinions of your audience and your email marketing list are not terribly meaningful.  Unless they are willing to start entering their credit card numbers, even if they think a product is great this does you very little good.

There are a few things that you can do that can be specifically helpful as you try to craft the perfect email marketing campaign.  Assuming you have already developed a strong email address database, one that includes many strong email leads, you can actually lead your audience directly through the sales funnel, and ideally some of them are going to convert into paying customers.

Start out by developing a very clear and extensive list of the features and benefits related to your offer.  Explain how your products and services are going to solve a problem for the members of your email address database, and why they should choose to do business with your company.  Every home based business opportunity seeker and every online entrepreneur competes for business, so you have to be very convincing.  Features and benefits are not the same thing.  A feature is something that describes your product or service, a benefit is how it will help the email marketing list members.  Be clear when crafting this explanation!  Features can provide benefits, however, and this is something you should really focus on in your offers.

When all of this helpful information is on your squeeze page, your audience will be more informed and more likely to respond.  Use this information to determine how successful your email marketing campaign is.

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