Making People on Your Email Lists Into Regular Customers

We’re not going to tell you how great Email Lists are because you already know or you wouldn’t be hanging around a blog devoted to them. Instead, we’re going to show you how that initial contact from your Email list can become a steady, paying customer who will buy things from you all the time.

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships

The real estate agent’s motto is “location, location, location.” Your motto as someone using Email lists to make money must be “relationships, relationships, relationships.” Sure, you can make an initial sale to a person. You can even send them follow up Emails to ask how things are going with the product they purchased from you. But you know how you’re going to take that initial sale and make that person a customer? By building a relationship with them.

How This Works

Now let’s get something straight here: building a relationship with your clients is not the same as sending them one way Emails with a “noreply” Email address as the return address. Those kinds of Emails are useful for selling things, however nothing works better at getting people interested in buying more products from you than actually getting personalized responses from you or your team so that they feel like you actually care what they have to say rather than simply worrying about the size of their wallets.

Think Of it Like Twitter of Facebook

If you’ve done your marketing homework, then you know that places like Twitter and Facebook are all about building up relationships with people you meet so that they will want to buy things from you. This isn’t the place to go into a detailed discussion of this, however we do want to point out that successfully taking the people on your Email lists from cold contacts to initial customers and then to steady customers works the same way.

You need to build relationships with people where they feel like you care about what they have to say rather than simply trying to sell them additional products. This means that when a client writes to you to ask a question, you arrange for someone to answer them. You don’t send an autoresponder which checks for keywords and sends useless information.

Do What the Competition Won’t Do

If you can do this, you’ll find the number of return customers from your initial contact on Email lists will skyrocket. The reason is actually pretty simple – most of your competitors will take the easy way out and just send one sided Emails and auto responders. When you show customers that you are willing to take a personal approach with them however, you show them that they matter to you as more than just a credit card and they will return that caring by showing more loyalty to you and your company.

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