Make Good Landing Pages for Your Email Marketing Campaign

bulk email opt in

Good landing pages will make all the difference when it comes to your email leads marketing campaign.  It will be difficult for you to get people to use the bulk email opt in if they show up to your site and get quickly turned off.  Have you ever tried apartment shopping?  Car shopping?  How about restaurants?  Aren’t there some times that you just simply walk into a place and know right away that you do not have any interest in being there?  Arriving at a shoddy website is no different.

One thing that you must make certain of is that your landing page is pleasing to look at.  Having garish colors or flashy graphics may be cool for a second, but, time and time again, surveys indicate that this is not what the average viewer wants to see.  Instead, make the color scheme and graphics be cohesive with your products and services, and your target audience.

For example, if you are using email leads marketing to show off high end electronic devices, then your target audience will probably be young, hip and high tech.  This may be a place where you could use more striking color schemes or more blatant graphics.  But, if you are trying to build an email list using a bulk email opt in for a wellness company, your target audience may be middle to upper class women, in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.  In this type of scenario, you may opt for more soothing palettes and calming graphics.

As you can imagine, getting the landing page just right is not always simple.  There are many factors to consider in addition to what we are discussing here.  But, remember, you don’t usually get another opportunity to make a first impression, so you should do what you can to impress visitors right away—which means that they should arrive and feel welcomed and feel that they belong.  This will greatly increase the odds that they will choose the bulk email opt in and become part of your customer base and be a useful part of your email leads marketing plan.

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