Make Emails More Enticing

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Tired of sending out the same old email messages, with the same formatting and similar messages?  It might just be time to try some new ideas.  One thing that is found to be fairly successful is using images in your emails.  Most people assume that choosing stock images from one of the many online sites offering images is the best way to go, but, it seems that many people are becoming more receptive to viewing more personal images.  Think about the popularity of sites like Instagram, where you can socially connect with others using pictures.  This site has become hugely popular, nearly overnight.  Pinterest is another great example.

When selecting images for your email marketing campaign, choose those that may elicit some type of emotional response from your recipients.  You want readers to open the message and feel something, have some kind of reaction.  That reaction may be joy or happiness, or excitement.  Sometimes sadness can even mobilize people, if it is used properly and ultimately sends a positive message.  Your images should compel people to click through and want to know more about your offer or your company.

Keeping images simple is important for your email marketing campaign.  When the images are too complex or complicated, you will find that they may not load properly on all browsers, or on mobile devices, leaving them completely unviewed by that visitor.  After taking the time to select the right image, you want to make sure that it has the impact that you had hoped for, and that it does get viewed properly.

Images can certainly create additional interest in your message.  Avoid using too many images, and make sure that they are not copyrighted when you choose to use them in your messages.  This is one good reason to use your own images created through Instagram or other sites, because they already belong to you.  There are plenty of free images available online that are not copyrighted, too, just be sure to check the details before sending them to thousands of recipients!

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