Make a Plan for Email Marketing Content

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When it comes to developing a successful and effective email marketing campaign, it is important that you develop a schedule that you plan to follow to deliver your emails to your recipients.  When you plan ahead, you are not scrambling for content or ideas, and you can spend enough time developing the content so that it works for advertising for your business.

Each business is different, so avoid following anything too specific—or a one size fits all kind of plan.  Instead, focus on the content that matters for your company, and fashion it into regular newsletters, tips, offers promotions and more, to be sent to the members of your email address database.   It can be helpful to keep a stockpile of ideas ready, so when you need them, you do not have to strain your brain to create new content.  You may want to organize your ideas according to the time of year that they may be most relevant, or the segments of your email marketing list that would most benefit from the information at any given time.

Email marketing strategies can help you boost sales during certain times of the year.  During slower times, you might want to offer special promotions that might lure previous customers back to make a repeat purchase.  There might be other times when business is booming, and you can use that to focus on developing new leads with the exciting news.

Certain types of emails will get different response rates.  One of the highest response rates is from coupon offers.  These are the ones that will often get customers to click through and make a purchase.  People can rarely refuse a great deal when they get one.  But, offering a coupon with every email will not only dilute the value, since customers will know that there will soon be another great offer and they don’t necessarily have to act now, but it will also drain your profits.

Be sure to shake things up now and again with your email marketing plan.  The same old, same old will get old to the customers, and surprising them with helpful tips or newsletters, in between the great offers, will help to hold their interest, and will help to increase their loyalty, as well.

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