Leverage Your Email Marketing for a Mobile Audience

email leads

Including mobile marketing in your email marketing plan is incredibly important in today’s online world.  With so many options to choose from, creating a strong mobile presence is not only fairly easy, but also can be very effective at getting new email leads and converting your leads into paying customers who loyally return for more.

Cultivating your email marketing list for mobile use is the first step.  Encourage your website visitors to work with you to establish a mobile relationship, through use of a bulk email opt in or using a mobile app for their smart phone.  Target those users who prefer mobile differently than those using traditional computers and laptops.

Mobile websites are popping up all over the place.  Your site should be properly optimized for mobile usage if you want the visitors who rely on their smart phones to connect with you.  Mobile apps are a great way to help them stay engaged with you.

Not only is it important to get the most out of your mobile apps, but you can establish an additional connection using local search marketing to offer SMS and text messages to customers in the vicinity of your business.  This timely feature can draw customers into your store, when they are nearby, and you can give them special offers or promotions at that time.  Be sure that you are only communicating with customers who have given you the explicit permission to do so, otherwise, connecting with them using location based marketing can end up being a serious breach of their privacy, and hurt your otherwise trusting relationship that you have worked hard to build.

Mobile marketing is versatile and effective, so make sure that you are maximizing your opportunities for building up email leads and getting your email marketing list to act on the offers and emails that you provide.  Don’t forget to track the progress of your mobile campaign, as a home based business opportunity seeker this data can be very useful as you further your efforts in the mobile world.

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