Lead List Generation Tips and Tricks

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Developing a strong business to business email list that can lead to business opp leads is tricky, but there are a few things that you can do that can help to speed things up for you.  You need to first develop a landing page that will instantly grab the attention of the visitor.  Remember, home based business opportunity seekers are looking for just that—an opportunity.  You want to give them one, one that they cannot possibly resist.  But, you only have a few seconds before they are going to move on, so you had better put your best foot forward and get them quickly.

Here are a few tips for developing a landing page that will get you an amazing lead list and a business to business email list that can be very profitable:

  1. Great headlines:  A great headline is critical for any landing page, not just ones that are targeted at the business to business email list.  Hook the reader with the headline.  Use words like “tips,” “ideas,” or “news” and you are going to get their interest.
  2. Outline the benefits:  A home based business opportunity seeker wants to know exactly what they are going to get by working with you.  Joining your business to business email list should have some distinct advantages.  Don’t make them wonder what those perks may be, list them out.  You have hooked them with the headline, now you start to reel them in.
  3. Visual support:  It is true that visuals will help to engage readers and keep their interest longer.  Computer users by nature are visual people.  Everyone loves to check out a video that may show a product or service in action, or better yet, a preview that entices them to learn more.  Show the home based business opportunity seekers why they should consider working with your company with a great video clip.  Just keep it short and sweet, you will lose viewers with a lengthy or drawn out video.
  4. Call to action:  Of course, this is one of the most important elements of any landing page, whether it be directed toward home based business opportunity seekers, developing a business to business email list, or any other purpose.  Collect the right data and information so that you can continue to communicate with the newest members of your lead list.

Work on your landing page and you will find that you generate lead lists that can compete on any level!

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