Lead Generation Using a Human Approach

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Lead marketing involves a special touch. There are so many offers, and so many companies that are developing lead lists, that many people are getting more than they can handle, in terms of stuff to sift through. Finding a way to connect with those people, on a human level, may be the secret to your success as a home based business opportunity seeker.

Adding a personal voice to your emails is important. The internet, by nature, disconnects humans in some way from the things that make them feel more human. Autoresponders, online ordering, anonymous contacts and more only add convenience, but they take away other aspects of traditional business, including connecting on a personal level.

Making your emails more human can come in several forms. For starters, addressing your recipients by name is a big one. People are far more likely to open an email that is personally addressed to them, as opposed to one that looks completely generic. Take a look at all of the junk mail either in your inbox or sitting on your kitchen counter. What do you go to first? Something addressed specifically to you, not the “occupant” kinds of mail. That’s the stuff you sort through later, when you have some down time, right?

Make sure that your recipients can reach you with questions. Providing contact information, that not only includes an email address, but a phone number that they can call with questions, is important for lead marketing. Make them want to choose your company. Try to be the home based business opportunity seeker that offers them the extra level of service that they are looking for—the personal connection.  You will find that more people will automatically go for this.

Adding a human voice does not mean that you have to call your leads during the dinner hour.  That kind of marketing is mostly obsolete, unless you have actually obtained specific permission to contact them this way.  Instead, invite them to contact you, and watch your lead marketing list grow. Building those relationships will have a long term effect on your success as a home based business opportunity seeker, and set you apart from the competition.

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