Lead Generation Tips for Your MLM Downline

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Lead generation is still one of the biggest parts of building up your MLM downline. Unless you can turn potential leads into members, then you are not succeeding to the level that is necessary for success. There are definitely challenges involved when it comes to pursuing and converting leads, and some of these challenges revolve around the problems associated with the uncertainty about yourself or the company, and the possibility of rejection. These are very real things, and nobody enjoys experiencing them (especially when a home based business opportunity seeker is trying to build an extensive and profitable multi level marketing (MLM) company).

Luckily, there are several things that you can do that can help you to increase the odds of turning those leads into true members, helping them to convert into a successful and participating member of your MLM downline.

Act Confidently, and Assume the Lead Wants to Convert

Sometimes just the confidence that you present to the lead during your sales pitch is enough to push them to convert. If you seem to assume that they are ready to join your MLM downline, then you can simply proceed by asking them, “When would you like to begin?” You might be surprised by how many of your leads take this cue and actually decide to join. If instead you asked them, “What do you think about this?”, then they may be more likely to want to go home and think some more about your sales pitch. However, you have to remember that the more space that is placed between you and the prospect, and the more time that elapses, the less likely it will be that they will convert. So, getting them to convert right on the spot, at the time of the sales pitch, will be important. Your confidence (should not be interpreted as pushiness, however) may just be exactly what is needed to convince them of what needs to be done next.

Get Plenty of Feedback After Your Sales Pitch

After you finish your sales pitch to your potential prospects, you should always take the time to find out what they think about it. But, this should be after you have completed the above step. This is important to remember as a home based business opportunity seeker, because you want to know what worked or what you can improve, but you want to seal the deal first. This step is very helpful for you, moving forward, so that you know how you can “tweak” the presentation to make it even more effective as you present your ideas and your plan for your MLM downline to the next prospects and leads. If you are discussing things with someone who has decided to not join your multi level marketing (MLM) company, then you have the opportunity to find out why. Some people may not have the money to invest to get started, others may have to consult with a spouse, still others may feel that they do not have the time. You may be able to convince some of these people to take advantage of a spot in your MLM downline, depending on their reason, if you are truly interested in their feedback and proceed carefully and methodically. Most importantly, you want to make sure that they are comfortable giving you an honest answer, and that they are not just trying to shut you up or make you go away because they are annoyed. Even if someone chooses not to join your MLM downline, make sure that you sincerely thank them for their time and for listening to your sales pitch and considering it carefully. Not everyone will join, and, as a home based business opportunity seeker, you need to realize this and respect the decisions of others. Just because you think it is a great idea and you are finding success and profits, does not mean that multi level marketing (MLM) is right for everyone.

As a side note, you should always make it a point to ask those who have listened to your presentation what they liked or did not like about the presentation, and what they like or do not like about the idea of joining your MLM downline.

Admit Your Shortcomings When Necessary

Sometimes you simply do not have all of the answers. Although we like to think we know everything, running a multi level marketing (MLM) business is a learning process in itself. This means that you will occasionally have to tell your MLM leads and prospects, “I don’t know.” Then, it is important that you do find the answers and provide them. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing, but there is something wrong with not making it right and finding the answers promptly. This is a great way to build respect, trust and rapport with your MLM leads.

There might be times that it really doesn’t matter what the answer is, but you should still make your best efforts to find it. If the answer is not terribly relevant to whether or not the MLM lead joins your network, then you should continue to confidently pursue their application process and get them on board. Assure them that you will have the answers soon.

Never be too pushy with your sales pitch, and always take a moment to let the person consider what they have just heard and think about whether or not they have any questions. You already know that multi level marketing (MLM) is right for you, but for many people, making a big decision takes some thought. Truthfully, you do not want the impulsive person who does not carefully consider their decisions, so make sure you allow enough processing time to really help your MLM leads understand the many benefits, as well as some of the potential risks, of becoming involved with your MLM downline.

Welcome your new MLM leads who choose to convert and become members of your downline sincerely. Hopefully, they are here to stay, and will be valuable members of your company for a long time!

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