Lead Generation Strategies for Your MLM Business

multi level marketing mlm

In order for your multi level marketing (MLM) business to grow, you need to generate a constant stream of leads so that you can build your MLM downline on an ongoing and steady basis. The secret to multi level marketing success lies in the downlines, and you must be able to build one that can continue to generate the leads, if you want to survive.

There are a few different things to understand about lead generation when you are looking to develop MLM leads. This type of lead is somewhat different than the kind of lead that you try to get when building up your email address database or email marketing database. To really succeed at your MLM business, you must be able to generate the kinds of leads that are very likely to convert into full members of your downline, making it stronger as you move forward.

Attraction Marketing Strategies Can Help

Attraction marketing involves the concept of marketing yourself. In general, many home based business opportunity seekers are looking for like minded individuals to join forces with. This means that people are generally joining other people, not necessarily joining a business. One of the benefits of drawing people to you, and not specifically to a company, is that if your company should change, shift, progress, develop, or whatever, these are generally people who are going to stick by you, and not jump ship because there has been a change. So, drawing potential leads directly to you, rather than your company or MLM downline, is a huge benefit when it comes to generating more leads.

Funded Marketing Plans are More Successful

If you haven’t figured it out yet, you will probably have to invest some money into your MLM business or your network marketing business, if you want it to be successful more quickly. Now, this money can come from your pocket, or you can work it out so that some of the money you invest actually comes from your marketing efforts. How does this work? Well, if you can find inexpensive goods and services to sell to your visitors, and make it tempting enough, you can start to get a trickle of profits rolling in, which you can then reinvest into your company and hit your target market even harder. Think about simple ebooks, PLR materials, training videos and more, because these are often things that you can obtain for free, or at least very cheaply, and then sell to your target market.

In order to entice people to make this small purchase, try to offer a small incentive for them to use your bulk email opt in. Once you offer this incentive, you then will have the opportunity to upsell them and hopefully get them to purchase the small item you have for sale, something that complements the incentive nicely. For example, you may have a paid subscription service and offer one month free trial, then entice them to buy a year-long subscription at a very low price. This type of “incentive to upsell” program works very well, if you can offer quality information to your target audience on your website and through your email marketing efforts.

Another possible option is to use your affiliate marketing efforts to raise money for your marketing campaign. This means that you actively promote your affiliate products and services, and then use the commissions that you ultimately earn as a result to fund your marketing for your own products and services. This could be a big “win-win” for many home based business opportunity seekers, and one that should not be ignored if you want to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Plus, sharing leads with your affiliate partners is a terrific way to combine your efforts and maximize the results that you can get from each lead.

Lead Generation Comes from the Target Market

Spreading out your target area too broadly will not help you with lead generation. If you are offering home based business opportunity tips, then you want to be using home based business opportunity seekers as a target market. If you are offering weight loss solutions, then your target market should be primarily comprised of those who are trying to lose weight. Makes perfect sense, right? It should, but many entrepreneurs seem to think that hitting every possible area is the way to generate leads. Yes, lead generation needs to be a dynamic process, but it still must be a focused plan and methods that are known to work well, if you want to succeed.

Once you start to get the ball rolling with MLM leads, the process will build on itself. Because each level of the MLM company will be generating more leads, and each of those leads has the potential of pulling in even more, building up those first MLM downline levels is the critical part in the process.

Remember to stick to the target market, offer things that will help to entice people to pay attention and, hopefully join you in your efforts, and make sure that you are always focused on your plan for generating leads. Be careful to not waste too much time on dead end sources for leads, but occasionally explore new and creative methods of obtaining leads—you never know when you might be able to drum up a few more. Attracting people to yourself will help you attract people to your company. Make sure that this is how you are approaching things, because you are the reason that the MLM downline is built—you must keep yourself at center stage, if you want to truly reap all of the potential benefits of this online money making business. Home based business opportunity seekers rely on each other when it comes to multi level marketing (MLM) and building a downline together is how it becomes the strongest and most profitable. Haphazard planning leads to inconsistent success, so plan well and stick to it, and success will follow.

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