Lead Generation Using Articles

marketing leads

An email marketer trying to generate leads for marketing must have a solid email campaign. The most important part of getting a large number of customers is to develop a solid email list containing marketing leads.

Article marketing is often an effective way to get your marketing leads. When you write informative articles and submit them to various article directories, they are more likely to appear higher in the search engine results than if you posted them only on your own blog. Those authors who are able to develop a resource box that is useful and will provide enough information about you or your company to entice visitors to click through to your site (you did include your URL in the resource box, right?) will find that they can generate many leads for marketing this way. When the visitor clicks through to your site, you should have them be automatically directed to a place where they can sign up to join your email list.

Another way that articles will help you build an email list is by having your article be picked up by someone in your niche or related niche, and posting a link to your article on their site. With the major changes that have occurred to search engine algorithms lately, more and more webmasters are using content generated by linking to other sites that are related to their niche. When you can find reciprocal relationships with these other webmasters, you will both benefit from having an increased ability to generate leads for marketing.

Spend some time examining and evaluating the articles that are written by others in your niche, or related niches, and gather some ideas. You can find topics to write about, and you can often find other webmasters to affiliate with or use content reciprocally. You may even find others in your industry with whom you can share email list development with, as long as you have the explicit permission of the members of your list. Once you have developed leads for marketing this way, you can often get plenty of repeat customers through your regular communications with them.

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